Best Buy recalls 772,000 Air Fryer after more than 100 catch fire or melt

Best Buy has recalled 772,000 air fryers, ovens, and ovens sold in the U.S. after more than 100 incidents where the products caught on fire, burned, or melted. One case resulted in the death of a child.

Best Buy recalls 772,000 Air Fryer after more than 100 catch fire or melt

Best Buy stated Thursday that it has received complaints from 68 U.S. residents as well as 36 Canadians about the ovens and fryers overheating. This was in a notice published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Two injuries were reported -- one that involved a child's leg and seven that caused minor property damage.

Recalled air fryers and ovens should be stopped and returned to Best Buy. Best Buy will issue a credit for the refund. Custoners will be issued store credit equal to $50, or the amount indicated on the receipt. The retailer stated that the credit is available without the need for a receipt.


This recall affects Insignia Analog Air Fryers, Insignia Digital Air Fryers and Insignia Air Fryer Ovens. The following model numbers are involved: NS–AF32DBK9; NS–AF32MBK9; NS–AF50MBK9; NS–AF53MSS0; NS–AF53MSS0; NS–AF53MSS0; NS–AF55DBK9 and NS–AFO6DBK1

Each unit has the brand name Insignia on its top or front. A rating label is located on the underside. It identifies the model number and the brand.

The recalled fryers were manufactured in China and imported to Richfield, Minnesota-based Best Buy. They were sold at Best Buy stores and online between November 2018 and February 2022, for $30 and $150.

Best Buy stated that it sold approximately 635,000 of these recalled products in the U.S., and another 137,000 in Canada.


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