Digital Marketing Career Path In India – A Guide!

We are in a period where our eyes are more attached to the internet compared to a TV.

Digital Marketing Career Path In India – A Guide!

We are in a period where our eyes are more attached to the internet compared to a TV. Not like the good old times when we all were hooked to the TV, we were not glued to the internet through our PCs, laptops and mobiles.

In India, there are around 500 million internet users; it is nearly 40% of the total population of India. And it is estimated that by 2020, around 700 million people will be using the internet as in rural areas of India, the internet is becoming very easy to use, and it is available at affordable rates.

Take a look at how JIO is pervading the market, whereas Airtel is lowering the cost to remain in the market. Look how broadband like – Cherrinet, Act Fibre gradually owning the market shares. Can you recall the last time you actually focused on TV advertisements or newspaper advertisements? There is a drastic change in the way of people consuming information. Nowadays, people absorb more information through laptops and mobile phones.

To attract buyers, spending hours on the internet, companies use digital marketing to promote the business on the internet. This is why digital marketing is so appropriate in the present period. So having a career in digital marketing in India will be nothing but fruitful. 

Career Scope in Digital Marketing!

The current growth rate of digital marketing in India is 33.5%, and it’s expected the industry will provide around 20 lakhs job position in India by the end of 2020.

Digital marketing has become an important way for companies to attract customers, connect with them, and inform them about the products and services all across the country. More and more companies are implementing digital marketing techniques to attract customers, increase sales and grab the large share of the market. So you can see there is nothing that can stop it for many coming years. Having a career in digital marketing will surely bring you growth and growth only. Get yourself enrolled in digital marketing courses in Pune.

Now let’s have a look at some highly in-demand job profiles you can hold in the digital marketing field to make a great career:

  • Web designer and web developer – A web designer or web developer is a professional who is given the job of designing, coding and maintaining websites. To put it simply, these are the people who provide you the amazing websites you see every day.  To hold this position, you have to have knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, .NET and CMS like Magento and WordPress is necessary. You can also operate on a project basis or freelancer. 
  • SEO analyst or expert – SEO experts, are the people who get traffic to your website through enhancing the Google page ranking of your site. They make your webpage appropriately optimized according to the various search engines and they are designed to access through mobile without any issues. SEO is the best option to make a great career for people who are looking forward to making a great career in the digital marketing industry in India. You can take online projects or work as a freelancer.
  • Content marketer or content writer – If you are skilled in writing, then this is the best career option for you.  Keep in mind that writing content is totally different from writing an easy. Content writers are high in demand as the need for content is increasing significantly. Creativity and good command of the language are the only two things that are important for this job profile.

SEM (Search engine marketing) or PPC specialist – These are professional behind the different advertisements you see. These professionals are highly in demand as they produce a large number of leads. Their primary job is to include related keywords, managing ad groups, optimization of webpages, produce analytics and reports.  You can join digital marketing courses in PCMC to get more job opportunities.

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