The Benefits of iGaming Trade Shows & Conferences

In any industry trade shows and conferences serve various purposes. The purposes can vary when we look at them, and three major players have different perspectives

The Benefits of iGaming Trade Shows & Conferences

In any industry trade shows and conferences serve various purposes. The purposes can vary when we look at them, and three major players have different perspectives. These players are usually the suppliers, the operators and the event organizers. The operators use these gatherings in order to be up to date with new technologies and products. They can hear from the experts about the latest trends, problems and solutions, meeting up with buddies, getting out of the office for a couple of days and of course, networking on the beverages provided by the suppliers/event organizers. 

What Makes These Events Useful

Suppliers use these gatherings in order to showcase their products, entertaining the coming visitors, hoping to create a good partnership. The suppliers come with new technologies for land-based and online organisations, for example, the casino. The organizer’s job is to create a place and date for the suppliers and operators, and if the job is well done, the event will go yearly. 

In addition, the number of these events has multiplied, compared to a decade ago. Now, almost every major market has its own gaming show. This comes from a simple realisation, people will certainly attend an event in their own country or hometown. Not everyone is able to cross an ocean for the sake of some education or a meeting with a  supplier, who will go anyway to visit them anyway. 

Big and small shows usually have a conference stream too, and some education ideas can be thrown into them, for a good measure. The more complete offer, the bigger audience. Most of the visitors that work into the casino industry, or any industry, also have to justify their presence at the event to their employers and why it is needed. This is another reason why event organisers give so many reasons as possible as they can, so there will be more attendees. 

In other words, trade shows and conferences can bring benefits to the business, otherwise, nobody would do them. What sets them apart is the professionalism and dedication of the organizers. When the organizers are actual industry veterans, they can actually make a difference for the businesses. It is because they are people who understand and appreciate what the operators and suppliers want, and they can offer them content that can make sense. So spending 2-3 days in an unknown city, going through all the trouble with travelling and being away from home won’t be in vain. Because you can meet like-minded people, where you can discuss real problems and find solutions for them. 

Last Words

Those who participate in these corporate events always come back with the best information, useful contacts, new ideas and proven methods that can be implemented even at home. For example, there is The Ampersend series of events, which is organised by Clarion. They said that they will make sure that the gathering will be useful because the company wants to put some effort and allow the casino industry specialists to get involved in this organisation. 

A decade ago, Lucien Wijsman started his slot academy and a slot summit. With dedication and knowledge, these events turned into must-attend events in Europe and beyond. However, Lucien decided to move on without his company, but he couldn’t stay sit. So, he decided to create another event, something else, something for the casino professionals. This new event of his is called Casino Operations Summit and it will take place in 2020 in Riga. 

In addition, these new trade shows and conferences are even more advantageous because they come with the most interesting series of lineup speakers which will give to these events quality knowledge which will enhance all those who participate.      

Date Of Update: 08 November 2019, 11:47

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