Anger and soccer, perfect tandem to suffer a heart attack

Maybe the name of Tano Pasman does not sound a lot of people on this side of the puddle. But they will remember that man who became viral, back in 2011, who i

Anger and soccer, perfect tandem to suffer a heart attack

Maybe the name of Tano Pasman does not sound a lot of people on this side of the puddle. But they will remember that man who became viral, back in 2011, who insulted and shouted on the screen as he saw a match of his team, River Plate, against Belgrano, party that lost and took him to the descent to the second division of Argentine soccer . At the end of the video, the woman of Santiago 'Tano' Pasman gives him a pill (a tranquilizer) so that she can then fall asleep.

The video had millions of visits and who else who least saw some family stamp portrayed. Replace River Plate by another team and insults by those used in your geographical area and the result is similar: a person on the verge of a sopoon (also here replace by the jargon of its area: Jamacuco / Patatús / Chungo / Apechusque ... ). If you ever see a football game have listened to someone to warn "Do not put yourself so that you are going to give you a heart attack", now a study fully justifies that affirmation.

In the scientific literature, physical and emotional stress has been previously correlated with the incidence of arrhythmias and acute coronary syndrome and, in that sense, some international studies pointed out the relationship between sporting events and hospital income from more fervent fans. In Congress SEC (Spanish Society of Cardiology) of cardiovascular health, which was closed on Saturday, the first analysis demonstrated by this hypothesis in our country.

Performed at the University Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cádiz), shows that people of high risk suffered fewer cardiovascular events (infarctions and breast-breast) when the Cádiz Soccer Club won and more events when he lost. For work, visitors were collected for Embroidery pain and income for acute coronary syndrome based on the local team's soccer calendar in 2019, 2019 and 2020 (more than 10,000 people, of which more than 2,000 entered by infarction or angina).

Although stress is a natural response from the organism in situations of fear, danger or tension, necessary to be able to face adequately, if the response is excessive in duration or in intensity can get to overload different systems, such as cardiovascular, and generate problems such as heart disease Ischemic, anxiety, depression, etc., as John Enrique Puche explains, first signatory of the study. Puche adds: "It has been published how some events can increase the number of visits to emergencies by chest pain, such as earthquakes, wars, political conflicts ... Cádiz's carnival and the falls of whatsapp and the finals of REALITIES TELEVISION PROGRAMS ". And now, too, football.

What results do the study throw? On the one hand, smaller number of emergency visitors for thoracic pain the days in which the Cádiz plays, except for the days when he loses as a visitor (there they increase). Regarding an income from ischemic heart disease (for example, infarcts, angels ...), they increase when the Cádiz loses as a local and decrease when he wins away from home (the studio notes not only if he wins or loses the team, but if he plays as a local or visitor).

On the other hand, the study also appreciates differences between the prepandemic era and just after confinement (when no public was allowed in the stadiums). When you still could not go to the stands, the emergency visits grew if the team lost playing as a visitor, while guests were reduced when he won as a local. Regarding income, after confinement they decreased when the Cádiz lost from local, the opposite of what was observed before pandemic, when it went to the stadiums.

The results, on the line of those of other authors, indicate that negative emotions, especially hostility and anger, keep a close relationship with the development of cardiovascular disease. The relationship with depression, anxiety and even the type of personality A (with tendency to show ambition, competitiveness and labor involvement, as well as impatience, temporary urgency and hostile attitudes) is also described.

The study also shows that people who entered during the party days were more hypertensive, more diabetic and more dyslipémic (with alteration of lipid levels and proteins in the blood). After confinement, the degree of control of those cardiovascular risk factors was even worse. Thus, before the pandemic, patients who entered the party days were more cardiopathic, while those who entered after confinement were less cardiopathic but with worse control of cardiovascular risk factors.

To poor control of cardiovascular risk factors that existed before 2020, it is added that during confinement there was a loss of therapeutic adhesion that has promoted a worsening, says Puche. "This, added to the greatest global stress of the pandemic (labor instability, doubts about health itself, etc.) and the prohibition to attend the football stadium, may have skewed the patient profile that enters ischemic heart disease," she values her . The first signatory of the study emphasizes that it "should serve us to emphasize these subjects who are more vulnerable and try to implement preventive measures that avoid this outcome."

The Spanish Society of Cardiology offers advice to live this sport with passion, avoiding infarctions.

-Lealize so as not to take the match too seriously. Psychological preparation is important so as not to be carried away by emotions.

-Realize some exercise before the game will help unload adrenaline before the event.

-Procure not smoking (or at least not smoking more than it is usually smoked). Tobacco increases the chances of forming a clot in the interior of the coronary arteries.

-Do not ingest drinks with high alcohol content. They can raise blood pressure uncontrollably.

-Evitating to eat copiously before and during the meeting, as this is importantly overloaded the work of the heart.

-The cardiovascular patients should not stop taking the medication. Your heart could be less protected just when you need it most.

-If during the match one feels 'that it is going to give you something,' I should stop seeing him for a few minutes and take a walk to clear. Breathing deep and doing relaxation exercises can help you find calm.

-If one perceives pain in the chest, in the jaw, in the arms or in the upper part of the stomach, you must request medical help immediately, without waiting for the match to end.

-If our team wins, we should not let ourselves be carried away by excessive euphoria, since that can lead to the realization of extraordinary efforts. And if you lose, you do not have to be carried away by sadness. Optimism will always favor health.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 17:40

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