Guillem wins MasterChef Junior 9 and Carla is second

Olivia, Carla, Guillem and Ariel have reached the final of MasterChef Junior 9. The first classified has been Guillem, after the test in the aspirants had to

Guillem wins MasterChef Junior 9 and Carla is second

Olivia, Carla, Guillem and Ariel have reached the final of MasterChef Junior 9.

The first classified has been Guillem, after the test in the aspirants had to reproduce a plate with a look at ancient Egypt. Carla has been the second finalist after the exterior test, which has had an eleven of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity and in which Samantha has occupied Verónica Forqué.

Finally, the Catalan contestant, twelve, who is clear that he wants to be chef and who has stolen Jordi's heart, has become the winner of MasterChef Junior 9.

Carla, second, with a menu with a very Manchego accent in which he has included a tribute to his grandfather, has managed to value the greatness of getting here. The parents of her, very proud, know that when arriving in Carrizosa, the people will receive them with a lot of love. With the usual disarray of it, Carla has rated the fortune to get this second place.

Guillem and Carla have given a great lesson of fellowship and happiness enjoying what they like most.

The next appointment with Samantha, Jordi and Pepe will be in the Senior Edition of MasterChef.

Pepe says goodbye to the next edition, which will be that of the most veteran cooks, but at the moment it does not anticipate the date.

We will be here!

All his companions launch themselves to hug him. His parents stay still unreacted.

Carla's parents are very proud of her and Carla asks her mother not to cry. What a maturity!

Carla: '' The trophy this is going to put it in my house. I have been second. ''

Guillem also kisses his trophy and recognizes being very happy.

Samantha asks his companions and their families to go down to be with them. Alexia believes that she is going to win Guillem.

Pepe recognizes that they have given them a great final duel. Jordi: '' You have defended your menus ... '' Samantha: '' are going to be happy in any work that you do because you put passion. ''

Pepe recognizes that the Guillem menu has been risky and vanguard. Jordi, on the part, praises Carla tranquility and serenity even when some of her elaborations have been uphill. '

Pepe appreciates the presence of Eneko Atxa in the final.

Guillem believes that he has been wrong with the sauce. Jordi tells him that he has made a very original recipe. The Canelón was very rich, and Samantha is hallucinating ...

And now the desserts arrive. Carla's name is April because it is when the almond trees flourish, and she dedicated it to her companion. Made with yogurt at the base and ice cream. Pepe: This is 100% carrizosa !!! Jordi: '' Everything you have put is very powerful. The tree could have been tacky, but it has come out very beautiful. '' Eneko praises the fantasy of the menu and tells Pepe that he has had a great time in the program.

Guillem dedicates her dessert to her friends at MasterChef and it is titled 'one of my support'. Jordi: '' It's so beast ... it's a ten. '' Guillem makes him cry to his parents: '' I went to bed and thought it was not good at all. I started to cook and it has become my hobby. '' Jordi gets rid of praise. Pepe just reminds him that he is happy. Eneko advises you not to forget that the important thing is the way and not reach the summit. '' You have touched my heart ... ''

Guillem: '' Tonight when I lie down I'm going to be flying. What these four chefs have told me is amazing. ''

Carla presents her first course that has titled 'Salad Salada'. The judges agree that she lacks a good final aliña. Eneko has been surprised with the pickle. The judges congratulate him for the courage of him. Ella's mother, Marí Carmen, acknowledges being happy.

Guillem arrives with her incoming 'summer memories'. He has prawns tartar with Romescu. Jordi believes that he has risked a lot. Eneko says he has been combined with great beauty and that he shows a great chef maker. Samantha congratulates him. Oriol, Guillem's father, feels very proud of his son.

The Judges and Eneko prove the main course of Carla, 'Benidorm, Benidorm ...' the title like this by the song and a tribute to his grandfather. Samantha praises the presentation: '' Aesthetically it is very beautiful. '' Pepe and Jordi tell him that they would never do a rice in a final. Carla gets nervous. Pepe: '' Let me get ready in Carrizosa and! '' Eneko believes that in the house of her they have done something very well so that a girl with her age cook so brightly ...

Carla imitates 'La Vieja El Víillo' and everything is very fun.

Eneko Atxa reaches the program from Larrabetzu's restaurant, recognized as one of the most sustainable on the planet. He will soon open in Madrid and Jordi invites him to participate in him online school.

They see you more loose than you remind you at home, where cooks more chaotic. For the part of it, Carla's parents are surprised at the level she has from her.

The two menus combine tradition and vanguard. Pepe: '' They are much more similar than I expected. ''

Ariel arrives dressed as a princess to desire luck to the finalists ...

Guillem prepares a modern cuisine menu, and Carla is committed to a more traditional cuisine.

Jordi recognizes that he empathizes with Guillem, because as he wanted to be a cook since childhood.

The two consider that they have come very far. Pepe recalls what 12,000 euros are played to continue forming and four days at the Basque Culinary Center.

Guillem's parents and sisters arrive at the set. They recognize that he has persecuted a dream: '' For a father this is a pride. ''

Then the parents and the sister of Carla enter. '' '' Like, then I see them every day and I'm sick, but I've been seen more than a month without seeing them ... '' Her parents recognize that they do not have a lot of hand with the kitchen and that in summer it is she who does the dishes for the whole family. The older sister says she, from a child, she did not like hugs, just kisses.

Gann or lose, Carla and Guillem's parents are going to be happy.

They are also going to accompany them from the gallery the rest of their peers.

Carla gets the second place of the final. '' Having reached the final is amazing .. I feel happy and I dedicate this to my family, especially my mother ... it gave me a lot of encouragement to get to the castings ... The kitchen is very good. . This jacket, mom, goes for you ... ''

The third is Olivia and fourth Ariel.

Jordi recognizes the great merit of Olivia with only ten 'years old.

Samantha believes that they have done a great job. The decision will be difficult.

Ariel is critical with his work. Jordi believes that his problem has been that she has entered very quiet kitchens. "Without the help of Mateu and Oriol she would not have gone well," the contestant admits. But Jordi recognizes that she before adversity she keeps calm '' and this is what I like most about you. ''

Carla's turn arrives. Pepe does not have one of her but for her: '' You have cleaned the fish very well. You work much better than many adults and you have great generosity ... ''

Olivia recognizes that he has taken his 'drama queen' at some point. Jordi says: '' Despite the problems what you have achieved with 10 years is very complicated ... You have taken out the work with a great attitude. ''

Pepe also helps the aspirant to be smiled. '' A little bit of mint ... '' Banana leaves with yogurt and cocoa cookie. The guests prove it ... and brown acknowledge that it was a bit liquid but very rich.

Ask Pepe and the chef for help. She is happy. She only remains to wait to see what Terelu and Tamara thinks. "I have not encountered any spine and that is already an achievement," says the presenter.

Jordi and Oriol, the chef of 'share', recognize that it has been loaded 'the knives. He has thrown 75% of the plate, but they will get saving him ...

Oriol not to call Carola to Ariel, but she is happy to be part of the MasterChef family.

Carmina Barrios recognizes that his Antonio is crazy with love and that the knives are delicious ...

Olivia presents the oxen ox 'without work' with avocado and sea roe. Vanesa and Bethlehem recognize being going very well and that the dish of the aspirant is rich ...

Ariel has made a salad of endivias and Gorgonzola. While they eat, Arkano recognizes that he has surprised him the MasterChef effect. Samantha asks for a toast for the program.

Olivia cries because it does not have a preparation made. At that time, Belén López and Vanesa Romero arrive to help him.

The second is Carla, with a manufacture of marinated sardines, will you like the guests?

Samantha Hudson has achieved a very cool project on the life of Carmina Ordoñez after MasterChef Celebrity. She puts an 8 to Carla's plate. Eduardo has loved the dish and he has eaten everything.

Oriol and Samantha help the smallest, Olivia: '' I was very slow. What do I do with ten years cleaning a sea ox? ''

Samantha remembers that in the table Veronica is missing. For the first time, the presenter will be at the table and so will be twelve diners.

Arkano receives Ariel advice to find a couple and speaks with Terelu: '' You are very young for the age you have. My mother is in casita, bored, but she was 80 years old, she still has a lot of march ... ''

Ariel has burned the nuts. Amadeus helps Ariel to emplat. While, again, Olivia is overwhelmed and begins to cry ...

The last one to start cooking is going to be Olivia. She or one of her two companions will be the second finalist of this ninth edition. Ariel starts with the endivia with nuts and gorgonzola cheese.

In it, the three finalists will be: Carla, Olivia and Ariel. They move to Cadaqués, the sailor town that Salvador Dalí fell surrendered. Jordi welcomes them.

The 'Share' chefs will be those that test the finalists. They are the sixth best chefs in the world: '' It is the effort of a team, we are more than us three. '' Oriol describes what he decided to come together: '' Share dishes as if they were tapas. That is what made us happy. ''

The first course is Salad of Endivias with Gorgonzola, the second salmon with raspberry, and the third sea ox with avocado and trout roe. The fourth are knives and vinaigrette with pine nuts, and the fifth suquet of fish. The dessert is banana with yogurt and cocoa cookie.

Carla believes that they ask them too much. Olivia touches the ox of the sea and the dessert: '' I have stayed with the discard. It is very difficult.''

Cook for twelve aspirants by MasterChef Celebrity, yes, without Verónica Forqué.

Guillem who has worked very well ...

The last one is Olivia because it has been obused: '' I leave the 'drama queen' here ... I'm going to give everything in the exterior test, '' The third is Carla: '' I'm going to give everything in the final test . '' Berasategui announces the first Duelist: '' Guillem is the aspirant who has best reproduced my dessert. I feel very happy.''

He recognizes that he has forgotten to integrate the grapes. Pepe: '' You have cooked run over. But for what I've seen you have wood. A seriousness that is not typical of your age. '' Jordi recognizes that he did not like him to pull the towel. Berasategui tells you is a diamond, but that he has to trust her.

Cry bitter after finishing tasting.

Pepe: '' You have not replicated Martín's dessert. '' Samantha: '' Aesthetically I like it because nobody is going to be hungry. '' Jordi: '' The ice cream is very good, except the merengue ... you have Stuck but then you've come out again ... '' Martín recognizes that the contestant has grown up to the difficulties: '' You are to get you on shoulders with a ten. ''

'' I have not learned of some elaborations ... I had to integrate the watermelon, but I have only done it in the empowling. ''

Jordi believes that his problem has been that he has been lost ... '' It is not the best dessert in the world, but you have not thrown the towel and that must be recognized ... ''

Martin's plate was very difficult to follow. Guillem dedicates the dish to the teacher: '' Following it has been complicated. He is a great teacher. I have included the Granada ... ''

"Aesthetically it is a plate of older person," says Samantha. Jordi: '' You have no limits, you are a winning horse. You have work as you have to do it and have helped your classmates. ''

Berasategui is hallucinated with Guillem's working capacity being so young. Jordi recognizes that he has all the tools for professional cook: '' I feel very identified with you ... ''

Guillem believes that following Martín Berasategui is very difficult. He already has his plate ready, although the aspirants have one more minute to finish the dessert.

It's what Pepe sees. Martín animates the four finalists. Ariel recognizes that she is overcome, that she goes wrong ... '' 'I have never suspended an exam ... I am lost.' '

The next thing they have to elaborate is the crunchy citrus and flowers. Olivia is absolutely blocked and Martín encourages her by telling her that she does not go so bad.

Carla can not find the syrup. "She has entered Barrena, '' the judges say. Minutes later she says: '' It has been a roller coaster, but I have come back. ''

Pepe reminds them of having to integrate the ingredient from ancient Egypt that each has chosen.

The finalists are stressed ... Berasategui: '' You are going to do well, you are in the best contest of the world. '

Olivia is totally lost. Pepe asks him to relax. She is crying: '' I have blocked. ''

The judges realize that Olivia has not put the pink pepper ... the chef goes too fast for the finalists although he believes they go well. According to Jordi, the one that best goes is Guillem.

Martín tells Olivia to go well and not stress.

The finalists have to lift the boxes to get one of the jackets.

Appears Martín Berasategui, a chef with three Suns Repsol. He is working on a project in Valladolid and another in Greece. '' Los Reyes just made me grandfather. It is the best gift. In a few years I will bring it here ... ''

Bring a dessert with multiple elaborations, including liquid chocolates: '' Very difficult. '' Marín is going to help them explain them the dish step by step ... Jordi; '' '' That's the first challenge of the Gran Final: 'Follow the chef '.' '

Carla: '' The confidence must take it '', but Samantha is missing. She appears after the showcase disguised as '' the Great Cleopatra ''. She is the fan David Bustamante ... and at the endists they love that he is accompanying them at the Masterchef Junior 9.

Carla asks for a greeting for her grandfather because she says she is doing 'rice with bustamante' instead of with lobster ...

Ariel remembers that when she was smaller I wanted to be Egyptologist. Today the contestants have to choose an ingredient that was already used in ancient Egypt and they have to incorporate it into their recipe: Granadas, watermelon, melon and grapes. Olivia is surprised by the exotic fruits that had already thousands of years ago.

Jordi announces a trip to the past: a journey to ancient Egypt. Jordi is disguised as Ramses II and Tutankamon Pepe.

While we wait for the beginning of the final we remember that today we will see David Bustamante.

Tonight we will meet the winner of Masterchef Junior 9, the edited edition in which it has been decided to eliminate the images of Veronica Forqué out of respect for his family.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 21:42

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