Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption | Lava advances four meters per hour and there is no safety that it reaches the sea

"The best way to see the volcano is on television." With this direct request so that citizens do not come to the volcano in eruption in La Palma, the Techni

Volcano in La Palma, the live eruption |
 Lava advances four meters per hour and there is no safety that it reaches the sea

"The best way to see the volcano is on television." With this direct request so that citizens do not come to the volcano in eruption in La Palma, the Technical Director of the Emergency Plan has underlined this Wednesday that the risks have not disappeared despite the fact that the most active lava pouring advances only four meters away per hour. At this time, experts no longer have the "security" that it will reach the sea. The latest data on its destructive wake speak of 320 traveled homes and something more than 140 hectares of land covered by a viscous front that becomes overcoming 10 meters thick.

The lava of the Volcano Old Summit in La Palma has lost speed this Wednesday but progressed without brake, multiplying the havoc at its path before the impotence of the neighbors.

The lava "has slowed down but continues its inexorable path," said Angel Víctor Torres, Regional President of the Canary Islands, advising neighbors not to try anything against it and avoid maneuvers that endanger them.

"Faced with the advance of the lava, which has enough height, nothing can be done," he admitted. "Neither a barricade, nor a ditch, nor a parapet stop in any way the advance of lava. I hope it is, but it is, it is impossible."

The eruption, which began on Sunday, razed 154 hectares and destroyed 320 buildings, reported on Wednesday the European Copernicus geospatial measurement system, in a remarkable increase with respect to its previous data.

The arrival of lava to the sea awakens fear for the reactions it causes, and had been discontinued. However, it is no longer safe because the decrease in magma has been losing speed.

"La Coladas advance very slowly, 12 meters have advanced in 12 hours," said the regional president.

Immerse yourself in the sea and navigate towards the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) at this time when the volcano is on eruption and the environment is so unstable it would be very dangerous and a recklessness, has assured EFE Scott Waters, United States settled in the Canary Islands, pilot and owner of the submarine Pasces VI.

Waters - which happens much of his time in the ocean-remember that it is an area of volcanoes and insists that it should not be forgotten that volcanic activity is also appreciated in the marine depths, although many times it is not so obvious.

The employers of the Spanish Banking Aeb, ECSC and UNACC and the Sareb Real Estate Asset Manager will make available to those affected by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma the homes that have available "in conditions of habitability" on the island and in "Areas Upcoming "," free of charge and as long as it is necessary. "

In a joint statement released this Wednesday, these organizations explain that, in this way, they intend to contribute, together with the administrations and the rest of the institutions, to the temporary realness of the persons evicted.

Read here the complete information.

The kings are planned to arrive at La Palma on Thursday to be with the neighbors, with the affected families and with those responsible for the operations that help in everything related to the volcano in eruption.

Felipe and Letizia will visit the Fort (reception point and displaced care), will meet with the pevolca (Volcanic Emergency Plan of Canary Islands), will go to the advanced command post and move to the affected area of allow, then, they will have a meeting With the affected population in Los Llanos

The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife and the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute, Pedro Martín, has offered this Wednesday "any means" at the disposal of the insular institution to help the affected and institutions of the Island of La Palma.

Martin has traveled to La Palma to meet with his counterpart Palmer, Mariano Hernández Zapata, with the president of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, the Delegate of the Government, Anselmo Pestana, and with the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has assured that "the Military Emergency Unit (UME) will be the time that is necessary, with the means that are necessary," on the island of La Palma to help in everything related to The eruption of the volcano.

This has been manifested by the Minister at a press conference on Wednesday, after meeting with the President of the Committee on Defense and Security of the European Parliament. "We are not going to haggle anything, we are always what they call us and what they ask us; Of course, if you have to increase the number of people there, if you have to increase the number of mobile media, vehicles or Special devices for the measurement of acids and others, there will be the UME, "said the minister, which has highlighted the effectiveness of the armed forces in this disaster.

This Wednesday, Effects of the UME have been measuring the toxicity of gases both under the main fireplace of the volcano as in the front of the laundry and at point sites at the request of the emergency plan.

- Can we go out to the sea? - Ask the reporter.

- It is dangerous, "says Octavio, which has anchored his small recreational boat in the harbor of Tazacorte, the most important to the west of the Canary Island of La Palma and at the foot of the Old Summit Volcano.

This begins this report of Andros Lozano, special envoy of the world.

It occurred in 1949. The San Juan volcano, located in El Paso, on the west side of Old Summit, erupted. His lava swept. As now, buildings and farmland and arrived at sea. This recording of the NO-DO, rescued by the National Filmoteca and disseminated by the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology of the CSIC, shows the smoke front that was created when the laundry came into contact with the water.

The kings will travel this Thursday to the island of La Palma with the intention of being interested in the situation of the thousands of affected by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano and also to transfer his thanks to all the troops who are participating in the Emergency Work and evacuation.

As explained by Sarzuela sources to Europe Press, the arrival of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia to the island is planned around 11.30 local time.

Both will be accompanied during their visit by the Government President, Pedro Sánchez, who will return to the island from New York after participating in the UN General Assembly, the President of Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the president of the Cabildo de la Palma Mariano Hernández Zapata, as well as by mayors of the affected municipalities and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, among others.

The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has confirmed this Wednesday in person the implementation of "a specific labor protection mechanism for La Palma and the Archipelago", which will benefit workers, companies and autonomous . More details, in this information.

The sulfur dioxide (SO2) released by the eruption of the Old Summit volcano on the island of La Palma will have very reduced repercussions on the weather conditions and the quality of the air on the surface, according to the experts of the European Elander ComoNicus system, already That most of the SO2 emitted is in very high layers of the atmosphere.

The atmospheric surveillance service of Copernicus (CAMS) detected for the first time SO2 from eruption last Monday, September 20 through satellite observations.

"We foresee a plume with an approximate height of 5 kilometers, which can not be seen in the forecast of the total column of SO2, but it is clearly visible in the forecasts of SO2 at different altitudes. The repercussions that the SO2 released by the old summit volcano You will have on the weather conditions and the air quality on the surface will be very small probability "commented Senior Scientist in the CEPMPM, Mark Parrington atmospheric surveillance service.

The vice president and counsel of Finance, budgets and European affairs of the Government of the Canary Islands, Román Rodríguez, has affirmed that the Regional Executive will buy the first 73 empty homes in La Palma and that will enable other prefabricated to help the neighbors who have lost their homes for The Old Summit Volcano.

Specifically, it is two private promotions that are currently empty, one of them in the urban area of Tazacorte, with 44 homes, and another in the Tennis mountain, in Los Llanos de Aridane, with another 29. In this regard, Rodríguez noted that the funds will be fought in favor of public society visocan so that it can formalize the acquisition, on which there is already agreement with the property.

The vice president has added that in the meantime he will try to relocate those affected in hotel facilities or apartments. Finally, the Vice President recalled that Canarias will resort to the EU by damaged infrastructures such as colleges, roads, roads or hydraulic infrastructures, "but now the important thing is the housing response to people who are displaced."

The City Council of Santa Cruz de la Palma has started this Wednesday the first phase of the Municipal Initiative for Housing Capture, a program that arises to have a housing census available in the municipality that allows to offer a long-term address, with the Greater quickly as possible, people who have lost their homes for volcanic eruption.

Faced with the situation described and in accordance with the social and economic forecasts for the next exercises, the City Council of Santa Cruz de la Palma is designing a specific strategy, adapted to the municipal reality and that allows the municipality to have, on a divenda at reasonable prices To meet these extreme accommodation situations.

In this first phase, people who have a housing for rent or sale are requested and who are interested in contributing to the assistance of people affected by the eruption that put it to the knowledge of the City Council.

The National Police and the Civil Guard have sent more effective to reinforce the emergency device on the island of La Palma for the eruption of the volcano and on the occasion of the visit of the Kings Felipe and Letizia this Thursday.

Specifically, in the case of the National Police, four personnel will be transferred from the Special Security Operating Group units (GOES) and two canine guides with their corresponding two explosive dogs from the upper head of the Canary Islands, which go on the occasion of the device Of the king, although they admit that they do not know until when they are going to stay, according to the police body.

On the other hand, the Civil Guard has also sent a rapid intervention module from the Reserve and Safety Group (GRS) of Seville to support the current reserve and security group (ARS) currently deployed in the area of operations in the Island of La Palma for the eruption of the volcano, has indicated the Benemérita through its official Twitter account.

The warnings about the risk posed by the ashes of the Palma Volcano are also directed to drivers. Summary in one: Take the car only if it is essential.

Precisely in some vehicles, the trace of the volcano is clearly appreciated.

The General Directorate of Safety and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands has warned this Wednesday once again that exposure to the ash produced by Volcanic Eruption in Old Summit can cause injuries in the airways, eyes, open wounds and also irritation on the skin.

Therefore, and is recommended to the citizens of the municipalities of the Llanos de Aridane and El Paso, the most affected by the eruption, which do not come out of their homes until the ash has been settled - Salvo risk of collapse-- and In case of leaving, the mouth and nose are covered with a mask to avoid inhalation of ash and protect your eyes with mask-type glasses. In addition, when ash is falling, they should not remain outdoors or practice physical exercise and do doors and windows.

At noon, the Technical Director of the Emergency Plan had also notified those who approach the area. "The best way to see the volcano is on television," he has said before asking "that citizens are not a more danger."

The Spanish banking entities have launched support plans to help families, businesses, businesses and agrarian producers of the island of La Palma who have been affected by the eruption of the volcano on the island.

In the case of Banco Santander, the entity's program contemplates economic advances for the acquisition of personal equipment, financing under preferential conditions and immediate attention from damage caused by lava pouring. In addition, it will analyze specific aid for each affected in order to give you a personalized solution.

CaixaBank has also launched a support program that includes a financing line of 100 million euros for the advancement of insurance compensation consortium indemnities, in order to contribute to overcoming the return to the normality of the population affected in The catastrophic area once remits the rash.

BBVA has launched two financing lines, one for individuals and another for SMEs and autonomous. In both, loans can be requested both by customers and non-clients affected by the volcanic eruption initiated yesterday in the cow head area (El Paso), in order to carry out the necessary repair and reconstruction tasks.

Throughout this Wednesday and as the Technical Director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan (pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, the neighbors of Allwell, can return to their homes to collect more belongings. This is possible thanks to the slow progress of lava.

So with a safety margin that return has been organized.

A total of 456 people who have been evicted on the island of La Palma as a result of Volcanic Eruption in Old Summit have been served by Red Cross in Canarias in a provisional hostel deployed by their immediate emergency response team in the aquacode Strong, in Breña Low.

It is an installation of the land army in which there is currently capacity to serve 600 people. In addition, two meeting points for the affiliation of evacuated people are deployed by the island: one in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane and another in El Paso; From these same places, if necessary, transfers are made to the hostel by the Red Cross staff.

In this device its immediate emergency response (ERIE) and logistics, communications, psychosocial attention and search and rescue. A total of 70 Voluntary and Labor Red Workers are collaborating in all types of tasks, from taking data upon arrival until delivery of blankets, hygiene products, food and beverages, support in evacuations, transfers, health care o Psychosocial attention. Likewise, 250 additional people are ready to join the relay or enlargement device when necessary.

The Geological and Environmental Consultant of the Illustrious Official College of Geologists, José Luis Barrera, has explained, in statements to Europe Press Television, which the terrain resulting from a volcanic eruption is "the most fertile soil of the planet", but to be able to be used First it must "meteorize" -dosmen, a process that can lengthen decades, especially in the Canary Islands due to its subtropical climate.

"The cultivation grounds that have been buried are totally burned, there is nothing, the soil is burned whole" explained the geologist specialized in vulcanology, "what can be done is to wait, but also, depending on the level of protection that is granted to this pouring - because it is a historical cast and the best the time protect the time, the lava can be meteorizing, getting rid of, and making a very rich soil that is the most want all the peasants in the world ".

As for the buildings that lava has been carried out in its journey, Barrera has pointed out that "both those crops and those infrastructures have been completely destroyed and disappeared: there is nothing left, although one excavable in the lava there is nothing left" . The geologist has explained that the law provides that in this type of case the land-covered land owners retain soil possession once the magma has been solidified.

As reported by the vulcanologist, the owners must elucidate what their farm was through the cadastre and the property registration, but they will not be able to build on the soil in which previously its property was. "About lava can not build anything, by law," Barrera has continued, "another thing is to be sometimes given point modifications of the law."

The specialist in Volcanoes has affirmed that in some similar situations in the past, solidified lava has been removed with heavy machinery to open parcels, but it has suggested that the cost associated with an operation of such caliber makes a relocation of neighbors more viable. zone.

Enter the data offered by the Director Committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan on the Eruption of the Volcano in La Palma Figure One that confirms how the lava wash is losing speed. According to the latest measurements, lava advances 4 meters per hour and last night only toured 15 meters. The affected surface covers 140.44 hectares, with a front of 600 meters and thicknesses between 8 and 15 meters.

In this image of the estimated perimeter shared by 112 it is appreciated that it is still far from the coast.

The same impression corroborates this estimate shared by mid-afternoon of this Wednesday and based on the data collected by the Copernicus system, although it is dated on Tuesday.

In the last hours, maps have been offered about the displacement of the cloud with volcanic material from the palm, which, according to the estimates made with the satellites of the European Copernicus program, will reach the Iberian Peninsula as of this Wednesday. According to the maps carried out, along Thursday it will be extended by the Levante Zone until reaching practically the whole country on Friday.

The cloud contains remains of particles from the volcano, especially sulfur dioxide (SO2), although in very small amounts so they do not represent a problem for health. More details, in this information from Teresa Guerrero.

The Hotel Association of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, Ashotel, does not believe, in a short-term analysis, that the eruption of the Volcano de la Palma affects in a remarkable way to tourism in general in Canarias, to point to start your high season.

However, it is important that it be clear to tourists that the phenomenon affects a very limited area and that tourism activity continues normally in the rest of the Canary Islands and that the emergency is only circumscribed to the palm.

For this, the Canarian Counseling of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, through Promotur Tourism of Canary Islands, has launched an action plan for the monitoring of the impact that the eruption of the Palma volcano may have in the emitting markets of Tourists towards this island and even the rest of the archipelago. The "exhaustive" monitoring of national and international media has allowed detecting unreli-or erroneous information and confirming that there is still a lot of confusion in the location of the palm.

The Valencian Vicens Vives and Correos publishing house have joined in a solidarity action that will distribute school supplies among families damaged by the eruption of the palm volcano for children who have lost their school.

In a joint initiative, both companies have been contacted with the president of the Cabildo, Mariano Hernández, and with the address of the affected schools for Correos to send material as soon as they consider it appropriate, they have explained in a statement.

Also, the Vicens Vives publisher has offered to give free access to its digital educational resources to all the schools on the island. All this with the aim of facilitating the school follow-up of students in the form and at the time possible and so requests the council and educational centers.

The Cabildo de la Palma is spreading, also in English, the ways to donate money to those affected by the eruption of the volcano in La Palma

The president of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has announced this Wednesday that the 137 people who were left in the military hostel of 'El Fuerte', in Breña Low - has the ability to accommodate 600- are being derived from a hotel in Fuencaliente and the sociosanitarian center of the capital of the island, where a plant has been enabled for people with reduced mobility.

At a press conference to account for the agreements of the Pevolca Managing Committee, it has commented that in the coming days there will also be accommodation resources in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, but specify some adaptations.

He has pointed out that the aquacarming, managed by Red Cross, remains open and available to the first emergency cases, as an example of the people who have spent the nights in their cars, for those who have asked to coordinate with their town halls. Torres has insisted that resources and accommodations are going to be guaranteed for those affected and that work in the search for public funds among all institutions.

The Technical Director of the Volcanic Emergency Plan, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has also indicated that the last night the volcano had "quite explosiveness", especially around 23:00 hours, and that scientists point to the fact that this phenomenon can continue giving this phenomenon , although this Wednesday is in a "mini stability" phase.

Right now the volcano has nine emission centers, four of them active and a single fissure, although at first there were two.

The Scientific Committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergencies Plan (PEVOLCA) hosts doubts that the lava that flows from the volcano that came into eruption in La Palma last Sunday will lead to the sea.

At a press conference held after the Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Plan, the Technical Director, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, has indicated that the mathematical model with which experts work aiming that the sleeve of lava that reached the neighborhood of allow is going to Keep moving forward, although "slowly", because your viscosity has been increasing since there are "certain natural holes" that is filling in its path.

And it has added that at this time does not exist "the security" that the lava reaches the coast or, on the other hand, it is freed before. "The mathematical prediction we have is that it will continue advancing, but we do not know if it is going to reach the sea, we will have time to be attentive if that event occurs because the advance is very slow."

As for the second language by which the lava runs, it has detailed that it has barely advanced in the last hours.

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Victor Torres, has insisted on Wednesday that lava advances inexorably, although in a slower way, and that it is impossible to stop, so any attempt by "barricades, ditches or parapets" can be supposed A risk for people.

After attending a meeting of the Director Committee of the Special Civil Protection Plan and Emergency Attention for Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA), Torres has clarified that there have been no new evacuations, it has requested not to be disclosed Bulls or information on the margins of the official channels And he has announced that the rejoicing of people who remain in the military hostel has begun.

On the ground, Gran Canaria firefighters have been working during Tuesday night with heavy machinery to try to divert the lava from their direction to homes.

Likewise, firefighters are performing cooling work with great water flow in areas of the lava tongue to allow more time the work of heavy machinery, although they admit that lava advances "unstoppable" by one of the zones and He enters the town of Equerewater, in the municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, according to the personnel who are acting on the island reported.

The volcanic eruption on the Canary Island of La Palma is emitting a high amount of sulfur dioxide to the atmosphere that will arrive on Friday to cover much of the Iberian Peninsula, almost all Morocco and Tunisia and the Mediterranean coasts of France, Italy, Algeria And Libya, the European satellite system of Copernicus reported on Wednesday.

In a shared photo in the Twitter account of the satellite, the presence of sulfur dioxide is observed in the available atmosphere for the local morning next Friday, when the highest levels were recorded on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, the Spanish Mediterranean coast, the South of Sardinia, northern Sicily and the Tunisian coast.

In less amount, the map also highlights the presence of this substance in the East Half of Spain (including more distant cities such as Valladolid), southern France, the Italian coast, the French island of Corsica and the entire African Mediterranean coast, In addition to extensive terrain extensions in the interior of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

On this aspect, the Technical Director of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergencies Plan has indicated that, at the moment, there is no risk to human health by the emission of sulfur dioxide, as the plume of smoke that leaves the volcano is "in the Higher part ", about 3,000 meters altitude.

Citizens has submitted a parliamentary initiative for their debate in the Congress of Members by which it asks to provide technical and logistics assistance to the Canary Islands and streamline the affected zone declaration procedures by an emergency of civil protection to avoid affected a "load Inaussible bureaucratic that can delay the arrival of aid ".

The proposal not of law that rises agility to the government is added to the one submitted Tuesday by VOX. In it, CS wants to ask the Government to provide the necessary technical and logistics assistance to the Government of the Canary Islands, the Cabildo de la Palma and the local corporations of the municipalities affected by the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano so that they can perform, to the greatest As soon as possible, the evacuation of the damage caused.

In addition, the initiative, presented at the press conference of spokespersons by its parliamentary spokesperson, Edmundo Bal, urges by agreement of the Council of Ministers, the situation of a seriously affected area by an emergency of civil protection "to the whole" of the island of The palm for the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, to allow "more agile and simple" access to direct aid by households, companies, agricultural farms, industries and affected municipalities.

The President of the PP, Pablo Married, has claimed a joint and rapid performance on Wednesday on the part of all administrations to give "immediate aid" and empty housing to the neighbors of La Palma who have lost their homes for the eruption of the volcano.

The entrance into the sea of the volcano lava will cause a "spectacular and dense" vertical cloud of water vapor that will not be toxic, but that will force the safety perimeter, evacuate the area and prohibit navigation, according to the Vice-Rector of the Geominero Institute of Spain, Luis Somoza.

This scientist has described the "spectacular phenomenon" the entrance of the lava in the Atlantic Ocean and has said that the dimensions of the vertical vapor cloud that will cause will depend on the "fall front" and the width of the laundry. In any case, Somoza has ensured that the cloud is safe for health, although it will carry some particle of the toxic gases that emanate from the volcano but has insisted that its concentration is foreseen so low that it is not dangerous for living beings .

The Minister of Science and Technology, Diana Morant, and responsible for the European Space Agency (ESA) have met on Wednesday to analyze the data that is facilitating the satellites of the 'Copernicus' spatial program, which provide critical data for control and the Monitoring the eruption of the volcano in La Palma.

The main data that are being employed in the control of the palm are those that are providing the 'Sentinel-2' and 'Sentinel-5p' satellites, has reported the Ministry of Science after the meeting.

A dozen Italian scientists, experts in monitoring Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, has moved to the palm to help in the most urgent tasks after the eruption unleashed this Sunday, said Gianfilippo de Astis, of the National Institute of Geophysics and Italian vulcanology.

IngV researchers who "have gone to La Palma, in coordination with Involcan (Volcanological Institute of Canary Islands) belong to specialized groups in different aspects that have been called to help in monitoring, such as taking samples or analyzing, aspects linked to the Help more immediately, but also to help in the most urgent investigations, "he explained.

A light recognition vehicle (Velire), with four troops of the emergency military unit (UME), travel by boat to La Palma, where it will arrive early on this Thursday, to perform air quality measurement and detect Possible chemical agents after the eruption of the Old Summit Volcano.

This advanced vehicle will be added to the tasks that the members of the group of environmental interventions that are in La Palma have already been carried out since Monday.

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Married, has moved on Wednesday to La Palma and has stressed that "what we are seeing is not a wonderful show," but it is a "a terrible natural catastrophe", in which "we have that go together. " Therefore, he has offered all the support of him to the government to "row together" and that aids reach those affected as soon as possible.

From La Palma, Married has remembered that the eruption "is already affecting 6,000 people who have been displaced from their homes, that many of them have lost their homes and that has affected more than 600 homes," besides " Quantified at an economic cost for the island of 400 million euros ".

The central government already works in a reconstruction plan for the island of La Palma that will be launched once the eruption of the volcano ends, as reported by the Minister of Presidency, Relations with Cortes and Democratic Memory, Felix Bolaños.

"We are working on the emergency control phase, we must go to a new phase that is the reconstruction in which measures of all kinds will be addressed," he guaranteed in an interview in 'La Sexto'.

This plan will include not only the reconstruction of housing, but also infrastructure, the adoption of fiscal measures and aid for fishermen and farmers. "The images are anguished and the inhabitants of La Palma have to know that we are working on support of all kinds," he said.

Gas emissions expelled by the Old Summit Volcano, in La Palma, will arrive on Thursday to other nearby Canary Islands such as iron, Gomera and Tenerife, and is not disposable that there is an acid rain in the north and east of The mountainous islands of the archipelago.

This is assured by the spokesperson of the Meteorology State Agency (AEMET), Rubén del Campo, which estimates that the emissions from the volcano will move to about 1,500 meters of altitude towards the southwest and the south during this Wednesday, and on Thursday they will turn towards The southeast, a day where they could reach the north of the island of Tenerife.

The drama of hundreds of people who have stayed or will remain homeless and without their livelihood through the eruption of the volcano has given way to a wave of solidarity. There are numerous campaigns collected with goods and food and collection of donations that have emerged in recent days.

The town councils of El Paso and the Ariadne Llanos have requested money through various accounts, as well as the Cabildo of La Palma, which has also enabled the mode of payment through Bizum.

In the specific case of El Paso, in addition to donations, the local corporation calls for volunteers to attend the emergency and accommodation of evacuated people.

The General Directorate of Security and Emergencies of the Canary Government recommends the population that, before the fall of volcanic ash that is recorded in the palm, avoid as much as possible that these fine rock and mineral particles come into contact with food or cover gutters of Rain or water tanks.

In addition to requesting that it is attentive to the information provided by the civil protection authorities in this crisis, calm is maintained and unfounded rumors are not propagated, the regional executive department has emphasized that the cordons that establish the services of Security and follow your instructions to "not approach for any reason to the volcano or lava flows".

In case of fall in volcanic ash, such as those that cover a good part of the palm, it is recommended to remain in the homes until they have been settled, unless there is a danger of collapsing the roof.

The imposing roar of the Volcano of the Old Summit sneaks into the church of Tajuya while the parish priest, Don Domingo Guerra, tries to reassure his parishioners. "He says the saying that who sees a volcano can no longer see two," he says in an animated voice. "Well, look, I have survived three eruptions and here I continue."

Sitting on the last row of the temple, tells its first experience with lava. It was in 1949, when he was a seven-year-old boy who took care of the cows next to the fathers of him on the slope of the mountain when, hit, the crater of the San Juan volcano burst at short distance. "It was mounted an overwhelming cloud of sand and ash," he says. "It was a dense mass, very thick, that prevented us from breathing. He covered the herbs in a very short time." [Read here the complete information]

The College of Registrars has announced their collaboration with the authorities and the victims who have lost their homes after the eruption of the Palma volcano, last Sunday.

Volcanic activity on the island has destroyed at least 183 homes, 200 infrastructures and threatens half a thousand homes, although experts still do not know what evolution will be in the coming days.

The registrars will offer all those holders of farms in the affected area, once it is determined, a certification of the farm that will be dispensed free of charge, which will allow proven property and other pre-existing rights.

Spain has two volcanic areas considered active - those where eruptions have occurred in the last 10,000 years - which are the Canary Islands and the region of La Garrotxa, in Girona, but also with inactive volcanic areas in Cabo de Gata (Almeria) , COFRENTS (VALENCIA), the Columbretes Islands (Castellón) and Calatrava Field (Ciudad Real).

Currently Canary Islands is the only high volcanic risk zone in Spain and the islands of La Palma, Tenerife and iron with the highest activity, as indicated by the National Geographic Institute (IGN). In this archipelago, all registered volcanic eruptions have occurred in the last centuries in Spain, seven of them on the island of La Palma.

The other area considered active, although without registering any eruption for thousands of years, is the region of La Garrotxa, in Girona, where the Natural Park of the volcanic area of the same name is located.

The eruption of the Old Summit Volcano, on the Canary Island of La Palma, could end up destroying around 1,000 homes, as lava continues to spread and devastate how much I find in its path.

Thus, experts who are evaluating the situation on the ground, although it is true that the evolution of volcanic eruption is unpredictable, both in its duration and regarding the amount of material that will end up expelling, which will devastate what That there is on his way during his relentless descent to the sea.

"Before we had uncertainty about when and where the eruption would occur. With these two uncertainties we have finished. Now the one that is left is how. In an eruptive process we can have different phases, where the eruptive dynamics can change in a matter of minutes or hours », Stavros Meletlidis, Vulcanologist at the National Geographic Institute (IGN) that has been working on the ground here. [Read here the complete information]

The neighbors of the neighborhood of Todoque, in the plains of Aridane of the island of La Palma, will be able to return to their homes, those that have not yet reached lava, to remove appresses and essential documentation.

This has been announced by the Director of the Special Protection Plan against the Volcanic Risk of Canarias (pevolca), Miguel Ángel Morcuende, who has indicated that the main Lava language is settled in the area of Los Llanos Road to Puerto Naos, in Allow, where he has penetrated and begun to produce "serious damage".

However, given the "low speed" to which the laundry advances, and always within security margins, neighbors will be allowed that can access the houses that remain on foot to safely put what they estimate necessary, including Perishable merchandise and that could produce "health problems".

The firefighters who have moved to the Island of La Palma The Emergency Consortium of Gran Canaria to help against the eruption of the volcano began last night a desperate operation: try to channel a tremendous wash cast towards a ravine to save, as far as possible , the town of allow.

"For trying it that is not," he said last night one of the firefighters who participated in the operation, in a video that shows his teammates as an obstacle-free zone and a spacious ditch with the hope that the lava river with excavators. That is at the doors of the town Choose the easy way and follow Barranco below.

The strategy is desperate. It also requires cooling the flanks from the laundry so that the movement is concentrated in the head ... and try to "guide it" towards a ravine close to the church.

The area affected by the castings of the Volcano de la Palma has increased by 50% on the three days that leads to eruption and experts estimate that the situation will last an average of 55 days, which envisaged that it could continue to be expelled at least until November.

As the days pass the situation in the surrounding areas to the volcano it becomes more difficult, especially for the 5,700 people evacuated until the moment they have had to abode in a hurry the 185 real estate or destroyed by the castings, 65 of the which were homes.

The lava continues to be opened towards the sea and leaves behind 153 hectares of land buried by stones, fire and ash, according to calculations of the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute from the satellite images of the Copernicus program.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, has pointed out this Wednesday that the Government studies specific situations associated with the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, in La Palma.

"If there really was a situation of limitation to tourism activity in the Canary Islands, we are contemplating, beyond what is a statement of a catastrophic area, about the Canarian tourist sector, any possible contingent clause to see what the next few months occurs," he added.

In that line, the Minister has ensured that the Government plans to pay with public funds "the bulk" of the proposed training actions in the extension of the Films of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) until January 31.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, has underlined this Wednesday that the arrival of lava to the sea of the volcano that has rasted in the municipality of El Paso (La Palma) must be "very monitored" due to the multiple effects that can be Having, since it has cited that they can go from the gases that will produce and their emissions to even possible explosions.

Morant has pointed out that it will be necessary to observe how the arrival of lava to the sea affects the seabed and the ecosystem, as well as what gases and emissions will produce "and it will even be very attentive to see the detachments, the slopes that can be produced precisely In this sensitive environment, "to what has added that" the possibility of explosions would be produced. "

The last update of the European Copernicus satellite shows that the lava of the eruption of HA abrassed 154 hectares and 320 homes.

So far, 5,700 people have been evacuated from the areas closest to the eruption, which began on Sunday at 15.13 hours in the area known as a cow's head, in El Paso, as well as the land exposed to the decrease in casting Hillside down.

Volcanic eruption in Old Summit, in La Palma, has issued the atmosphere between 6,140 and 11,500 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2), according to the measurements made by the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute.

According to these data, and with an estimate of the wind at 3,000 meters, the emission of SO2 during the third day of eruption has been between 2.2 and 4.2 meters per second.

The estimate has been made after performing several measurements of measurements with a remote optical sensor, minidaine type, both in the air mobile position (with the instrumentation mounted on one of the helicopters of the Civil Guard in Tenerife) as in the terrestrial mobile position (with The minidas mounted on one of the vehicles of the ITER / Involcan).

The Volcanological Institute of Canary Islands has estimated between 24 and 84 days the duration of the current volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma.

It is a calculation performed based on the known data on the duration of historical eruptions that occurred on the island, although they recognize that it is a "question easy to answer".

"Therefore, it would be acceptable to convey that we move in the range of a duration between 24 and 84 days, with a geometric average of the 55-day order," they have indicated on Wednesday.

The Canarian seismic network is registering from the beginning of the night "a strong increase in the amplitude of the volcanic tremor that is an indicator of the intensity of the stonbolian explosive activity in the active mouths at this time," reports the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute. This supposes supposes greater activity in the expulsion of lava from the volcano.

In the last update of the Special Civil Protection Plan and Emergency Attention Plan for Volcanic Risk of the Autonomous Community of Canarias (pevolca), the Canarian government indicates the activity of the volcano is concentrated in four active mouths, the last of which He opened this Tuesday afternoon.

The new mouth, explains, is "very close to other active". The average approximate speed of lava pouring front advance is 200 m / h, "continuing its advance towards the sea", with "maximum thicknesses of around 10-12 meters."

The bulletin also points to a superficial earthquake, at 21.32, which has been registered southeast of Tazacorte, with a magnitude of 3.8 MBLG, "followed in the following hours of two earthquakes also felt southwest of El Paso".

The surface affected by lava castings that flow from Sunday from the new Volcano de la Palma ascends already to 153 hectares of land, according to the calculation made by the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute from the satellite images of the COPERNICUS program.

The last map facilitated by this European Emergency Monitoring Program shows the situation at 8.14 hours of yesterday, September 21. If compared to the previous one, from 19.50 of the 20th, it is observed that the affected area has grown from 103 to 153 hectares.

The Director Committee of the Special Protection Plan for the Volcanic Risk of Canarias (pevolca) encrypted last night in 185 damaged buildings or destroyed by the castings, of which 65 were homes.

The great thicknesses of the lava wall of the old summit volcano that advances to the sea in the palm, up to 12 meters in some points, could cause the formation of large cast fragments in front of the front and reach Greater distances.

In addition, these lava-front collapses can lead to small pyroplastic flows, the Canary Islands volcanic emergency plan (pevolca) indicated in a note.

The Scientific Committee who advises the crisis cabinet accurate that the lava advances at a speed of 200 meters per hour and that the deformation of the soil in the area close to the eruption of the volcano amounts to 28 centimeters.

In a first provisional evaluation of material damage, the pevolca estimates that 185 buildings could have been affected, of which 63 would be homes, according to the cadastre.

The General Directorate of Safety and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands maintains the emergency level 2 (red traffic light) with the activity concentrated mainly in four active mouths, the last one of which was opened on Tuesday at 19.56 (local time) with an emission of lava castings similar to the previous ones.

In the last update of the Special Plan of Civil Protection and Emergency Attention for Volcanic Risk of the Autonomous Community of Canarias (pevolca), the Canarian Government points out that the eruption "continues to show the same fissural erupting style, with the stonbolian mechanism, In a fissure in the north-southwest direction. "

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 19:36

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