Alpes de Haute Provence. "Moi de la vulva": a festival in Seyne to inform and lift taboos

This animation is more than a new one in Seyne.

Alpes de Haute Provence. "Moi de la vulva": a festival in Seyne to inform and lift taboos

This animation is more than a new one in Seyne. It's the first edition of "Moi de la vulva". A month of celebrations and activities that celebrate feminine energies, values, and principles. Our world is out of balance. We live in a world that is dominated by crises and wars and driven by profitability and competition. This event is sponsored by Sid, the sisteronnais artist. We want to recognize other types of energy, such as compassion, patience, listening and joy, creativity, creativity, well-being, and even humor. Cecile Garbay, Barbara Bertiaux, the project's initiators, explain that they are interested in sharing, trusting, hospitality, compassion and dancing. After working together for several years with Seynois, they have created a varied and busy program that is accessible to everyone. "A family event for all ages. All are welcome! Anyone who wants to unite generations and transcend genres.

Highlights include the screening of Faut Pas Pousser by Nina Narre on July 9th at 3:00 p.m. followed by a roundtable discussion on childbirth with midwives.

Two days after the sensory and culinary experience Vibrez, Colette Charriau organizes the conference "Feminine/masculine - a balance to find in oneself" on Thursday, July 21. "Taste!" with Dimitri Gueskine (sound therapist) and Barbara Bertiaux (head nurse).

Pauline Lecourt will host the "Endometriosis", conference on Tuesday, July 26th. She is a specialist in gynecological problems and obstetrical issues. No. 26 on Grand-rue will be home to Et viva vulva, which will serve as a red thread during the festival.

Each day, activities will take place in Seyne at the Salle Rocheclose and at the Alternateur as well as at the Bastion Des Penitents and at "Point G", which is a converted garden into a guinguette close to Fort Vauban.

"Our programming is rich. It should be both useful and enjoyable. Barbara emphasizes that the site should be accessible to everyone. The advancement of knowledge on sensitive subjects, which is becoming more visible around the globe. While shining light on Seyne's inhabitants and traders.

Entertainment is offered almost every day at the "Moi de la vulva", which ends August 6. Volunteers are needed to assist the organizers for a week. They will be housed and fed. On the HelloAsso platform, a fundraiser has been also set up.

Information, complete program and prices on tel. 06 83 28 89 01.

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