Bus and train: "Definitely too much" or "great"? That's what stern readers say about the 69-euro ticket proposal

What follows the 9 euro ticket? The latest proposal by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to launch a 69-euro ticket from September is causing debate.

Bus and train: "Definitely too much" or "great"? That's what stern readers say about the 69-euro ticket proposal

What follows the 9 euro ticket? The latest proposal by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to launch a 69-euro ticket from September is causing debate. A number of stern readers reacted to the comment "Don't gamble away this chance!" from last Friday and gave the editors their opinion on the 9-euro ticket and the possible successor. Read a selection of the letters here:

"We as a family find the offer very good. Of course you can understand that it can't stay at nine euros, but 69 euros is again too much. So it's not worth it for us as a family to leave the car at home. We think train travel is generally far too expensive. (...) As a family, we would like a 29-euro ticket. That would be realistic for families to implement, since everything is getting more expensive now anyway." (Becci W., Bremen)

"69 euros is definitely too much to travel nationwide on regional trains. I use the 9-euro ticket and my daughter has had one since June. I have a car myself and am toying with the idea of ​​giving it away and to look for a job that would be easily accessible by bus and train - but only if the price is right. 9 euros are definitely not enough, but a good test to see how the population accepts such an offer. Maximum 50 euros would be the highest of feelings. That would be acceptable for normal earners." (Metin K.)

"A follow-up ticket would be the right way, although 69 euros would still be too expensive for many families or individuals. With rising inflation and high energy costs, this is only affordable to a limited extent. Perhaps it is possible to save at the right end and not at the wrong end ." (Hannelore R.)

"I think the idea of ​​an affordable ticket is great, but it won't be worth it for me. I travel to a maximum of four stops in town two to three times a week. That costs me twelve to 15 euros. A 69-euro ticket would unfortunately be there too expensive and I would have to take the car again. Too bad!" (Barbara K.)

"I would be in favor of a nationwide valid 50-euro ticket and a 'Frankfurt Pass' for 35 euros." (Giuseppe P.)

"The 69-euro idea is good. The price is attractive for those who always use ÖPNV (local public transport; editor's note), but for people like me who only use it occasionally or because of the too high Prices for the short distances that we have never used public transport are completely out of the question. My wife and I each bought the 9-euro ticket, and we occasionally drove short distances to the neighboring town, which ultimately saved us costs. We bought it this month, although we have only used it once. For 69 euros, i.e. 138 euros for two people, I prefer to drive the car a lot cheaper these few times. We paid 9 euros without knowing specifically whether we use the ticket at all. 69 euros: no thanks. And that would mean it would fail, only those who drive every day would take it, the others would not. A maximum of 29 euros per ticket would probably still be acceptable for us, but more likely less to make it seem worthwhile." (Michael S.)

"I would very much like to use a 69-euro ticket. I have a subscription ticket for Cologne, which is significantly more expensive at around 139 euros. Such a ticket, which is also valid for the whole of Germany, would be a real asset." (Horst M.)

"What a great pilot project we are going through right now. In many places I have met enthusiastic people who are exploring regions with and through the 9-euro ticket that are not far from their homeland, but have not been visited for years. Germany would benefit from a follow-up offer. Because shared mobility connects people with each other, connects people with their country and also enables many to go new ways, to go new routes, or even to drive. A step in the right direction!" (Anja M.)

"I haven't traveled by bus or train for 30 years - I used the 9-euro ticket and didn't think it was bad. I wouldn't buy it for 69 euros, because I could fill up with gas and be independent." (Hermann S.)

"I'm happy about this cheap ticket. I commute and otherwise pay around 300 euros a month for bus and train. (...) I would appreciate it being cheaper to travel in the future and not having so many fares." (Kertin H.)

"For social security recipients and pensioners with basic security, there should still be the 9-euro ticket so that they too can participate better in social life." (Anonymous)

"I think the 69-euro idea is great! I would then also think about a smaller car." (Eberhard F.)

"They wanted to minimize commuter car traffic and not necessarily promote trips to Germany. So my suggestion: Integrate the campaign into the transport associations. A price of ten to 15 euros would be acceptable there and would certainly be popular." (Elke S.)"

"Great idea. Anyone who drives ten kilometers to work every day covers 400 kilometers on 20 working days a month. With a consumption of eight liters this would be around 64 euros. Ergo 29, 39 or 49 euros per month for a ticker, so that it well worth it." (Thomas S.)

"The 9-euro ticket is a complete success and I also used it. I only use the car when I can't do otherwise, e.g. due to time constraints. There should definitely be a follow-up offer. The offer at 69 euros is definitely closed expensive. You buy the 9-euro ticket without knowing exactly which routes you are going to take. With 69 euros you don't do that anymore because of the high price. For me, the limit is one euro per day, So 30 euros per month." (Herbert K.)

"Basically, I'm a driver. In my free time, i.e. for excursions etc., I only use regional trains since the 9-euro ticket. My 17-year-old daughter also uses the ticket to explore Germany. But 69 euros would be okay too." (Andreas L.)

"Leave the 9€ ticket permanently! Local transport must be affordable for everyone!" (Saskia F., via Facebook)

"Bought a 9-euro ticket, took the S Bahn six times, was late three times and canceled once. Should you give me the ticket - I'd rather walk or take the Bobbycar. (...) Public transport in Germany is unfortunately a joke! I feel sorry for all the commuters who depend on it." (Julia P., via Facebook)

"I wouldn't buy it. 69 euros is too much. It's worth it for someone who doesn't usually get a ticket. It's an advantage for those who need a monthly ticket anyway. But this will discourage someone from the comfortable car Ticket not." (Anita B., via Facebook)

"I would think it would be good if, for example, a 49-euro ticket was offered regionally (possibly reduced for 29 euros) and a 69-euro ticket (reduced 49 euros) nationwide. Then you would have the choice or you only need that buying a more expensive ticket if you really want to travel somewhere else that month." (Rita V., via Facebook)

"That's exactly how it should go on. A few euros here or there are not that important. The tariff limits have to fall in order to make public transport more attractive and less complicated." (Monika L., via Facebook)

"The ticket price should be designed in such a way that everyone can afford such a ticket and everyone can use local public transport. So either introduce extra social ticket prices or increase the corresponding standard rates and subsidies accordingly. (...) The price must be such that that everyone can afford and driving a car simply has to become significantly more expensive." (Dago G., via Facebook)

"I wouldn't pay more than 39 euros for it. I find 9 euros too cheap and 69 euros are a rip-off!" (Niko A., via Facebook)

"I would also pay 100 euros for such a ticket if it were valid throughout Germany. Many monthly tickets in the big cities are almost as expensive and only limited to the tariff zone or honeycomb." (Mia L., via Facebook)

The editors reserve the right to shorten letters to the editor.

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