Legislative 2022. Gerald Darmanin is the leader in the 10th District of the North

Gerald Darmanin won 39.

Legislative 2022. Gerald Darmanin is the leader in the 10th District of the North

Gerald Darmanin won 39.11% of all votes in the first round in the 10th North district legislative elections. He is ahead Leslie Mortreux (23.08%) who was the candidate for Nupes. The Minister of Interior will be facing him next week, June 19. The return winner: The tenant of Beauvau was elected deputy in 2012. He had already passed his turn five year later to be able remain in the executive council of Hauts-de-France, chaired and headed by Xavier Bertrand - mayor of Tourcoing.

Melanie D'Hont was the RN candidate. She received 21.91% (but only 8.5%) of the votes.

This result was not however certain. Gerald Darmanin is in a difficult spot since the events at the Stade de France on May 28th, when he made some approximations regarding the alleged counterfeit tickets of English supporters.

His reappointment to executive was heavily criticized after the three rape allegations against him filed by Sophie Patterson-Spatz in 2017 and 2018. However, the Paris prosecutor's Office dismissed the first two. It also asked for dismissal of the third January. These cases didn't stop Gerald Darmanin being re-elected as mayor of Tourcoing, with 60.9% of votes in 2020.

Gerald Darmanin, like the other 14 ministers who are running for the legislative elections is taking his place in the government. In the event of victory, it is impossible for him to combine the roles of deputy and minister. He will, however, not sit in the National Assembly. He will be replaced by Vincent Ledoux, his outgoing deputy. He was elected in 2017 under the Republican banner, receiving 55.93% of votes in the second round... against La Republique en Marche.

Emmanuel Macron won his constituency in the second round of the presidential elections on April 10. According to the official results, the Head of State won 28.92% (i.e. One point higher than his national score, and ahead of Marine Le Pen (26.2%) e Jean-Luc Melenchon (24.74%). Emmanuel Macron won the second round with 57.2%. This time, one point was less than the total territory.

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