Marine Le Pen wants to form an RN group but fails to realize its goals

Marine Le Pen, with her 53.

Marine Le Pen wants to form an RN group but fails to realize its goals

Marine Le Pen, with her 53.96% at Henin Beaumont, will need to pass the second round box. Despite her absolute majority in Pas-de-Calais' 11th constituency, Marine Le Pen has not been able to gather the 25% registered voters required to confirm her election in the first round. This is the perfect example of the paradox of Marine Le Pen’s campaign in the last weeks: legislative elections were held without enthusiasm despite the historic score of six weeks ago in round two of the presidential election and the popularity of his troops.

Recent days saw stars in the eyes of the RN boss' entourage, which evoked the "strong signal" that his election would be in the first round. It's not disappointing, but you would have to be disappointed! The interested party repeats, "It's not a disappointment, you'd have to be in bad faith!" A few rows of chairs were set up in the backyard of an association hall. The local sewing club usually occupies these places. Marine Le Pen, a supporter, is sorry that voters voted against her, denying her victory on Sunday.

This is partially false. At home, in Henin Beaumont, we voted less that elsewhere - 57.4% for the 11th constituency, an improvement of 4 points over 2017.

The rest of us can see that the RN at the national level is on the rise five years after the 13% starving score obtained a few weeks following the presidential election in 2017. It is now being beaten by both the party of the president majority and Nupes, especially at the neck. Marine Le Pen tried to ignore this situation.

Next Sunday? She said it will be necessary "confirming and amplifying" the RN vote. She asked her voters to not choose between the "worst and worst" constituencies in which Together and Nupes will meet. When the majority's representatives face another formation, its voters will be free to vote for the "patrioticest" candidate.

Despite being traumatized by the disappointing results in the 2017 legislative elections and the 2021 regional elections, the RN seems capable of avoiding a new disaster next Sunday. While the far-right party's presidential vote is down by four points, it has gained six points since 2017. Marine Le hopes that there won't be "dozens" of patriot MPs next Sunday. Pen. However, some projections suggest that the far-right party could now consider forming a group (15 elected minimum), in the National Assembly during the next term of office. This would allow him to have the financial and human resources to participate in the hemicycle. This was the first time since 1986 when the National Front sent 35 deputies to Bourbon Palace thanks to proportional representation. The Frontrist evening was also satisfying for another reason: Eric Zemmour's stinging defeat in the Var, and the main executives from Reconquete! were all forgotten. Even better: The former far-right polemicist was not trained to weigh on the RN score. This did not stop him from reaching the second place.

Marine Le Pen made an initial assessment of her legislative campaign before she went "to have a beer with the activists". However, she had started it badly by considering it "logical" for Emmanuel Macron to have a majority "... "Those that tell something else tell fables" at the beginning May. She also targeted Jean-Luc Melenchon without naming him. He was already declaring loudly that he wanted "to be elected" Prime Minister. This line has not been completely abandoned: She said last Friday on BFMTV that "It is less likely for me to be Prime Minister than you to win the lottery without gambling". Strategic error? After her humble wish to form a group, Marine Le Pen will have finally demonstrated scalable goals. The presidential finalist, Marine Le Pen, had moved upmarket and evoked the figure of "60 Deputies", which would give the possibility of seizing Constitutional Council. In recent days, it was "100-150 deputies". This Sunday's projections and goal are far from real.

This same disinterested impression will be left by Marine Le Pen. A couple of trips per week, maximum, in safe constituencies. They were at their highest April 10 and 24, respectively. Thumbs up for the atmosphere of courtesy visits where the candidate seemed more interested in her personal popularity - intact- with her voters, multipliing selfies and walking around than highlighting her candidates. The two RN heads from Saint-Dizier were not invited to speak at the press conference held by Marine Le Pen in a lobby of a hotel in May. The pattern will continue for the next few weeks. Marine Le Pen was asked by a journalist if she regretted leaving the "free field" to JeanLuc Melenchon. She replied, "Uh, it is above all that I didn't know you were monitoring in the countryside at Henin Beaumont." Every day I'm in the field He has seven more days to campaign.

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