Mexico scores a big win against South Korea to reach the Olympic semifinals

Mexico had to go through six attempts before reaching the semifinals of an Olympic soccer tournament. It can't seem it to stay away.

Mexico scores a big win against South Korea to reach the Olympic semifinals

El Tri was victorious in South Korea's 6-3 defeat in Yokohama on Saturday. He is now back in the final four, the second time in nine year. With two goals from Henry Martin, and two from Sebastian Cordova, he will face Brazil on Tuesday in Kashima (about 70 miles east from Tokyo), where an Olympic medal will be up for grabs.

In its quarterfinal, Brazil defeated Egypt 1-0.

Mexico's 2012 Olympic semifinals trip was the only one. It finished on the top of the medal stand. The team has been much more dominant in this tournament scoring at least three goals in each of its five games. Each game produced a different star.

Saturday's spotlight was shared by Cordova and Martin.

Mexico got started by Martin in the 12th minute. Alexis Vega had sent a ball from the left wing across to Luis Romo who dipped his heads and redirected it in front. Martin then managed to overcome the physical marking by Jeong Taewook, a Korean defender, and nod it in.

Eight minutes later, Lee Dong-gyeong matched the South Korean match. He accepted a pass from Kim Jinkyu at top of the box and took a half step to his right before reversing his course and bending a left footed shot into top right corner.

Romo, who had received a Vega assist, restored Mexico's lead in 29 minutes with a left-footed shot out of the box from the centre. Ten minutes later Cordova doubled the lead with a penalty kick.

Three minutes later, the team traded goals again. Lee cut Mexico's two goal lead in half in 51 minutes when a poor Mexican clearance fell at his feet. This set Lee up for a left-footed finish on the left side. Three minutes later Martin scored again, kicking in a long free kick by Cordova to score the third goal of this tournament.

Mexico didn't give up, despite its huge lead.

Cordova got his second goal of the game on a left-footed shot from outside the box in the 63rd minute before Diego Lainez set up his team's final score with an impressive display of dribbling, twisting through two defenders before centering a pass for Eduardo Aguirre, who spun and drove a right-footed shot between two Koreans and into the back of the net.

Hwang Uijo's header at the end of stoppage time halted the scoring.

Date Of Update: 31 July 2021, 15:35

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