Michigan AG will not appeal Nassar-related cases after 2 losses

Monday's decision by state prosecutors that they will not appeal the decision that threw out charges against Larry Nassar, former president of Michigan State University, was a statement from the prosecutors.

Michigan AG will not appeal Nassar-related cases after 2 losses

Attorney General Dana Nessel expressed her confidence in the case against Lou Anna Simon, but she said that she wouldn't ask the Michigan Supreme Court for a review after two losses.

Nessel stated in an evening statement that Nessel is the voice of survivors across the state and always prioritizes a victim-centered approach. "We understand that a lengthy appellate process does not always provide the best support for survivors.

Nassar was both a campus doctor and a doctor for USA Gymnastics. He is currently serving a decade-long sentence. Many women and girls, mostly gymnasts said that he molested them while they were receiving treatment for their hip, back, and leg injuries.

Simon was charged with a 2018 interview in which investigators asked questions about Nassar's school. Simon was already sentenced and convicted.

Authorities claimed Simon knew that Nassar was being accused of molestation of a patient at a campus hospital in 2014 and that she had information about the nature of that complaint.

Simon maintained that she knew that Simon was aware that a complaint had already been filed against a sport doctor.

The case could be tried by an Eaton County District Court Judge. The trial judge rescinded that decision, stating there was not enough evidence. In December, the Michigan Court of Appeals voted 3-0 in favor.

The prosecution was "designed not to give justice to Nassar's victims nor to vindicate legitimate purposes of law penalizing those who lie about the police," stated Judge Elizabeth Gleicher from the appeals court.

Simon quit as MSU president in 2018.

Nessel also stated that she was asking the Michigan Supreme Court for to reinstate the conviction of Kathie Klages, former MSU gymnastics coach. Nessel was charged with lying to investigators regarding her knowledge of Nassar's sexual abuse allegations in the late 1990s.

Klages has always maintained her innocence. Klages insists that she can't recall conversations with two girls two decades ago.

The Supreme Court may decline to hear the case.

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