Television. Which TV games are you most successful at?

It can be very rewarding to participate in a game show, but it all depends upon the program.

Television. Which TV games are you most successful at?

It can be very rewarding to participate in a game show, but it all depends upon the program. We look at the situation.

The reward for the "Questions For A Champion" champions, which airs Monday through Friday at 5:45 p.m. ET on France 3, is 500 euros. The day's winner has two options: walk away with the winning sum, or put the money into play to increase it (1,000 euro for two wins, 2,000 for three, 3,300 euros for four, and 4,000 euros for five). After his five victories in June 2015, the richest candidate in "Question for a champion' history left with 75,000.

Champions no longer need to have five wins to be champions. They can now choose to win as many times as they wish and earn an additional EUR500 for each one. This is the main purpose of the vast majority of current TV games: to encourage loyalty and promote the career of candidates.

This is exactly the essence of the game "Everyone Wants to Take Their Place", which airs daily on France 2 at 11.55 a.m., presented by Laurence Boccolini. Candidates can be crowned champions if they score more points in the final stage.

However, the champion has the option to offer the challenger all or part the kitty that he has amassed since the beginning. If he accepts, the champion keeps his title and all his earnings, after deducting the amount offered to him by the challenger. The latter will leave with 100 euro per point, in addition to what he gave to him.

The champion loses his title, and the winner leaves with all his winnings. The challenger becomes the champion, with a jackpot of 100 euros per point in the final round. This is a maximum of 3,900 euros. Marie-Christine won a jackpot of 196.900 euros after 218 duels against challengers. She then left her place in December 2018.

Another duel on France 2, that of the maestro and his opponent in "Don’t forget to sing the lyrics", presented every year by Nagui since 2007. To keep the silver microphone, the maestro must score at least as many points as his opponent. If he fails, he will immediately give up his position to the challenger. The winner of the duel will win between 1,000 and 20 000 euros, depending on how many words are found for the final song. They also have the chance to win an additional $1,000 to 20,000 euro or they can return to the show to try to increase their winnings. . Margaux won 530,000 euros in February 2020 with 59 victories.

The record for France's biggest winner of televised games goes to TF1 and its Jean-Luc Reichman game: "The twelve strokes at noon", which is broadcast every day at 11:50 a.m. Bruno, the undisputed champion, left the game with more than one-million euros in winnings from his 252 participations in October 2021.

However, the total amount of his jackpot is only 700,000 Euros in cash. To this are the many gifts he received during successive wins. Total amount: 1,026,107 euros exactly.

Bruno broke the record previously held by Marie, a woman who won the jackpot of onemillion at "Who wants millions?" against Jean-Pierre Foucault. This record dates back to 2004.

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