UK Black activist Crucial in hospital after shooting

The shooting the Initiative Party stated Sasha Johnson, who played a major role in Black Lives Matter protests this past year, was shot in the head Sunday. Police and a friend said it didn't seem to be a targeted assault, even although the celebration said Johnson had received"numerous death threats" associated with her activism.

UK Black activist Crucial in hospital after shooting

The party said Johnson had been"a strong, strong voice to our people and our neighborhood "

Authorities said the shooting happened close to a house where a party was occurring.

The police announcement said a 27-year-old girl was at a hospital in critical condition after being taken. It didn't spot her, but stated"there's nothing to indicate that it was a targeted attack or the girl had received some credible threats against her earlier this episode."

A buddy, Imarn Ayton, stated she didn't think Johnson was the planned goal.

"As far as we're aware, she had been in a celebration," she told the BBC. "There clearly was a rival gang which might have heard about somebody being in that celebration which they did not feel very comfortable with or trustworthy and they resorted to driving beyond and shooting to the backyard, and among these shots clearly strike Sasha Johnson.

"But I really don't think she had been the intended victim."

As with other nations, Britain has faced an embarrassing reckoning with race because the passing of George Floyd, a Black , in the foot of a U.S. policeman in May 2020 sparked anti-racism protests across the world.

Massive crowds at Black Lives Issue protests across the U.K. called on the authorities and associations to face up to the heritage of the British Empire and also the Nation's extensive profits from the slave trade. Johnson has been a speaker last summer and can be a pioneer of the recently founded, Black-led Taking the Initiative Party.

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