Tully : Happy at the end

In 34; Tully 34; Charlize Theron plays a triple mother on the verge of nervous breakdown. So far, so funny. Unfortunately, the film only consolidates old role clichés.

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    The family forms something like inner core of Hollywood's cinema stories. The trinity of Far, mor, children is celebrated ImMelodram, encouraged in comedy, defended in thriller UndHorrorfilm against external enemies. Always and still se films sing Holy Mass of marriage and birth. A child as a fulfillment of bourgeois dreams and promises on DieZukunft is ideal in which Hollywood works. The new comedy Tully with Charlize Theron, however, does not.

    The birth here is a through and through business appointment. Marlo (Theron) gets her third child in a hospital. Around m, apparatuses Flash, an infusion is missed. A doctor takes toddler bored in reception. Even after birth, Marlo customer man Drew (Ron Livingston) show no emotion exuberance, KeineFreudentränen, no intimate hugs. At some point ersteBesuch of family is over, now Marlo is still a LetzteDemütigung before: she should prove to a strict nurse that she can pee on her own.

    Tully wants to show DieWahrheit about morhood in year 2018 Unddazu also belongs to this: Marlo is exhausted even before birth of child Dreizu to rejoice. Child one and two, y have soausgelaugt that y are only going to surrender fate in finally round.

    DerFilm is third collaboration of screenwriter Diablo Codyund of director Jason Reitman, who in comedies Juno (2007) showed a pregnant teen and in young adult (2011, ebenfallsmit Charlize Theron) A woman who refuses to grow up. Tully completes two comedies to a trilogy that addresses an absence of strong women in American society. The latest film now reveals, however, a superficiality that was actually re in Reitmans films Schonimmer, only better concealed.

    Wasnicht means that Tully would not be entertaining. In fact, people who have children mselves are likely to know many scenes from ir own experience – and none of m has any direct effect on joyful parenthood. Those, for example, in which a stranger Fraudie high-pregnant Marlo probably indicates that Auchentkoffeinierter coffee still contains traces of caffeine.

    After birth, Marlos exhaustion is so great that she comes to an offer from her wealthy bror and EineNacht-nanny. From n on, Midtwenties Tully (Mackenzie Davis) takes care of newborn at night and only brings Marlo AnsBett when it needs to be breastfed. The luxury of (almost) sleepy nights brings new life in Marlo, especially since Tully also bakes funny cupcakes for children, house Wienert and zumBeste-girlfriends-substitute, Marlo her heart Ausschüttenkann.

    It is clear that Marlo will soon be asking question: Is this life she has dreamed of? To work in a boring job because family needs money; In evening, to push a frozen pizza into oven because dieEnergie is not enough for more and later, when children endlichschlafen to look at a Dokusoap about Gigolos, Weilan own sex is not even to think?

    Cody meets se questions with her own snappy wit, commencing ' opposites works. When Marlo and drew visit rich bror, he brags about a gift that his boss consent him. Marlos laconic replica: "My boss once gave me EinenSchnupfen." And Tully, who seems to be floating as a young, unbound Fraudurchs, gets to hear from her: "Sure, in Twenties life is great. But n thirties come round corner like a garbage truck at five o'clock in morning. "

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