Apple-Keynote: Just three iphones and no more big thing

Apple presents expensive and brightly colored iphones. They're all very good. But actually you expect more. For example, something that changes after the smartphone everything.

Apple-Keynote: Just three iphones and no more big thing
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    Apple is a company that always has something to mean. In any case, this is generally assumed, undApple has reasonably never really resisted this impression: this company and its products is a very well-sold aura of larger, more significant, and not trivial. Every detail counts, and every detail is interpreted accordingly. For example, last song that runs while boss enters keynote product presentation every year on Septemberdie stage.

    This time in in-house Steve Jobs Theaterauf Apple campus in Cupertino current single of absolutfantastischen, but not necessarily super-well-known britischenDance music collective Jung Lay plays, before Apple CEO Tim Cook opened keynote. Heavy, California is a longing song to American state, home of apples, eineLiebeserklärung with a significant limitation: "I will love you, can't Afford You" – "I will be loving you, but I can't afford you."

    About an hour later, as Lieddenn had really been chosen wisely, y had appropriate, almost self-ironic, explanation: Apple redraws price for neueniPhones once again clearly. The XS cost in most expensive version with 512Gigabyte 1,549 euro, XS Max with same storage capacity 1,649 euro. In two pretty expensive models, Apple presented a slightly less teuresSmartphone. Perhaps not all people will be able to afford this, but y want to do quite a lot: 849 euros costs cheapest version, with 64 gigabytes of memory, of iphone XR, which only comes out at end of October. In terms of prices of Xs and XS Max, this is actually, well, favorable.

    Apple-a watch that can save lives new Apple Watch is supposed to put an emergency call on its own in an emergency. The health of customers thus becomes an affordable product feature. A video commentary higher speed, better camera

    All three new devices are in name of X Desim anniversary iphones released last year, so are lediglichWeiterentwicklungen of this type, which is now not offered by Apple in contrast to Altmodellen IPhone7 and 8. Like iphone x models XS, XS Max and XR no longer have a home button and can start PerFace ID, i.e. by owner's face recognition. And all three unterscheiden new A12-bionic-baptized chip from previous model. The A12 is also supposed to be faster and more energy efficient than DERA11 processor in old iphone X, but above all smarter: Per second The new chip is supposed to be five trillion Creating computational operations – A11 performed 600 billion calculations in same time span – and harnessing "machine learning in real-life", for example in pattern recognition for photo, augmented reality and game applications.

    In fact, first try is a noticeable improvement in speed compared to already quite fast iphone x to notice. The increased computing power is Appleetwa by a new depth-of-focus control in photo editing. The bokeh effect of so-called portrait mode in old X, where demabgebildete people are brought to foreground by Unscharfziehen of background, can be reversed – even derHintergrund can now be sharpened because Finished photos of NeuenX models can be calculated from more individual shots and details.

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    The main differences between Beidenhochpreisigen XS models (from 1,149 respectively 1,249 euro) and Demgünstigeren XR are among or things in camera equipment: The XR has its back only a wide-angle lens for photographing and filming, DieXS versions, on or hand, each have a dual camera with an additional telephoto lens, which allows for physical and not just digital zooming. In addition, more expensive iphone variants Besitzendie super high-resolution OLED screens already known from old x in diagonal size 5.8 inches (xs) respectively 6.5 inches (xs Max). The XR, which is with a diagonal of 6, 1Zoll in between, has to get along with a less brilliant, with 1,792 mal828 pixels but still very good LCD display.

    Date Of Update: 14 September 2018, 12:00

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