aufstehen: Does Sahra car servant right?

At the start of her left movement, Sahra claims that many people in Germany are earning real less than they used to. Is that really true?

aufstehen: Does Sahra car servant right?

This week, Sahra coach has hardly missed an opportunity to promote her new major political project aufstehen. The left-wing politician incessantly repeats a number: 40 percent DerBevölkerung would have real less income than it was twenty years ago. This Behauptungpasst well to a left collection movement. It should show feeling that country is becoming more and more unjust, that rich are richer and dieArmen poorer. "Democracy no longer works in such a country," says Chariot-keeper. But is number right?

To find out how wages and salaries are developing in Germany, economists mostly analyse surveys of Socio-economic panel (SOEP), which belongs to German Institute for Economic Research. According to DIW, budgetary income of lower 40 percent actually fell by almost seven percent from 1999 to 2015, taking into account rising prices. However, or economists have considerable doubts about this finding of Institute.

The DIW customer known to be Arbeitnehmernah, so rar left. As a starting point for observation, wagon-servant quoted, authors of study took year 1999, when income of poorer 40 percent were particularly high. Anor objection comes vomwissenschaftlichen against players of DIW, Institute of German Economy (IW), which is alsarbeitgebernah and rar economic liberal. The IW points out that SOEPin has increasingly interviewed single parents, families with KleinenKindern or many children and families with low incomes in recent years. The SOEP 2013 also included a large sample vonMenschen with a migration background.

The researchers of SOEP changed sample to reflect more precisely how population is composed. However, IWbefürchtet that this is a comparison of samples in Zeitverlaufnicht is meaningful. Because se groups usually earn less than average. To show this, IW has calculated effect DerMigrationsstichproben on development of real income. Ziehtman This effect, income of lower 40 percent declined, but rose by 7.6 percent. However, IW also looked at anor period: 1994 to 2004.

Jan Goebel, deputy head of SOEP, defends his institute's actions: If population changes, this must also be sample. It is so weighted that it matches basic characteristics of population. Therefore, argument that one cannot compare values of income groups over time is correct, on one, because re are or people in sample than last year, says Goebel. But argument is also wrong, because claim must be to take account of structure of population in Germany in one year. The methodological problems were mentioned in all publications.

Despite record employment, inequality is rising

If you prefer to follow IW and calculate migration sample, however, good news is relativized at second glance. Indeed, poorer 40 percent have real no less income than before, but almost eight percent more. However, income of or 60 percent without migration effect has risen by 16, 5Prozent, top ten percent even by 21.9 percent. of derguten economic development in recent years, refore, not all profit equally: incomes of rich grow significantly faster than dieder poor. The famous scissors continues to open, especially since DerJahrtausendwende. And that, although so few people are unemployed, as since decades no longer.

There are many MöglicheGründe for growing inequality despite record employment. There are more women working full-time, and average still getting a lower salary than men. Fewer people are paid by fare. Obwohlviele companies take big profits, wages do not develop accordingly. The population is ageing, and older people have geringereEinkommen. More people are working in poorly paid jobs. And n re is DieGlobalisierung, which opens up many new opportunities economically, but which confronts poorly qualified people with competition in low-wage countries. Under SolchenVoraussetzungen, a new Left movement could actually succeed. Ora rights.

Standing up-Sahra wagon-keeper puts left collection movement in front of left-faction chairman Sahra wagon-servant has warned against a brutalization of company in Germany. She called for a new political turmoil. © Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Date Of Update: 07 September 2018, 12:00