Shohei Ohtani - A New MLB Star in the Making

Shohei Ohtani is a 24-year-old professional baseball pitcher playing for the Los Angeles Angels baseball team

Shohei Ohtani - A New MLB Star in the Making

Shohei Ohtani is a 24-year-old professional baseball pitcher playing for the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. It is unusual for a baseball player to be good at both pitching and hitting, but that is the case with Shohei Ohtani. As such, when the MLB season started, Shohei Ohtani was  the talk of the season since he has electrified people with his unusual talent as a baseball player.

Originally from Japan, Shohei Ohtani started his career as a baseball player in his school in Japan, and it was there that he set a record for the fastest pitch at 160 Km/h.

From there he expressed a desire to pursue baseball as a career with the major league. He subsequently received interest from numerous teams, but he decided to play professionally for some years in Japan and as such accepted the offer of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters where he made his debut playing as a right fielder but was also selected for pitching. From there started his career as a two-way role, and this was rather historic. It was also noticeable that he not only performed both roles, but he performed it with excellence.

In 2014, he broke the records again and recorded a 162 Km/h throw, and during the postseason was chosen as a member of the National Team and in December of the same year, he reached 100M Yen in salary, even though it was only his third year as a Professional Baseball Player.

2015 saw him as the third in the MVP list in Japan while 2016 saw him have a season breakout as a hitter and won the Best Nine Award as a pitcher, as well as the Pacific League MVP. By the end of the season, he led the Nippon Ham to the 2016 Japan Series.

By 2017 it was revealed that Shohei Ohtani would be posted by the end of that season to play in Major League Baseball in 2018.

Unfortunately, an old injury in his ankle led him to have surgery in early October, and that lost him the chance to play World Baseball Classic 2017 and restricted his play time as well.

By December 2017, he agreed to deal with the Los Angeles Angels and the deal was finalized quite soon.

Despite the fact that he was diagnosed with a first-degree sprain in his right elbow, and received a plasma injection to treat the pain, never the less, he started the 2018 season as designated hitter. And, on April 1 made his pitching debut and picked up his first MLB win. You can look here for no fee MLB tickets to be there to support your favorite players and the team while they are in action.

On April 3, Ohtani hit his first MLB home run against Josh Tomlin and the following day, he hit his second, becoming the first Angels player to homer in his first two career home games.

It seems that whether Shohei Ohtani is pitching or hitting; the left-handed batter and the occasional outfielder has the sky as the limit as far as achievements or timing or setting records.

Updated Date: 07 September 2018, 00:04

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