How Harmful is Cellphone Radiation?

Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy, a type of electromagnetic radiation

How Harmful is Cellphone Radiation?

Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy, a type of electromagnetic radiation. We rely heavily on our mobile phones in our everyday lives: to make and receive calls, surf the Internet, play games and watch videos and so much more. Mobile phone use takes up a big chunk of our day and stretches well into the night. Most times what is supposed to be our time for rest and sleep is taken up by mobile phone use. We just cannot put our phones down. But what about the radiation it emits? What does it do to our bodies? Does the radiation harm our body and health?

Cancer-causing effects

Scientists classify cell phone radiation as a class B carcinogen. It should be enough to scare us away from using too much of our mobile phones. But it isn't. Even if we are aware that prolonged use can cause cancer for some, we still cannot chuck them away. Another type of radiation proven to cause cancer is ionising radiation, found in gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet light from the sun. These sources emit high amounts of radiation that are very harmful to the body. They can cause damage to the DNA and result in cancer. If you notice in dental clinics, you are asked to wear a lead vest when you go for a dental X-ray because the equipment emits high doses of radiation. The same goes when you go out in the sun. You must wear sunblock otherwise your skin will absorb all the UV rays from the sun. Prolonged and continued exposure will lead to skin cancer.


Mobile phones are a great help in doing everyday tasks; we can no longer escape their presence. But we can think of ways to limit the electromagnetic radiation that our bodies absorb from too much use. Here are some ways you can reduce your body’s radiation intake:

• Take a break. Every once in a while, unplug from the digital world. Your world will not stop revolving if you put down your phone for a few hours each day. Even essential matters can still be responded to, as long as you are aware that you must limit your mobile phone use.

• Do not sleep with your mobile phone under on near your pillow. Your phone still emits radiation even while it is at rest. You don’t need unnecessary exposure if you can prevent it.

• Use a cell phone radiation shield like the ones found at These products protect against radiation entering the body.

It is now quite impossible to get rid of our mobile phones, as we can do a lot of things with them more conveniently. The advances in mobile phone technology do a world of good, but they can also be a bane for some. Excessive use can cause illnesses that are related to the radiation that cell phones emit. A regular break from technology is a must for everyone. 


Date Of Update: 07 September 2018, 02:21

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