How You can Utilise CBD Oil for the Management of Pain

Many people have been using cannabidiol for a long time, especially in the treatment of chronic or regular pain.

How You can Utilise CBD Oil for the Management of Pain

Many people have been using cannabidiol for a long time, especially in the treatment of chronic or regular pain. These people can attest to the significant help brought to them by CBD, especially CBD oil, in reducing pain and inflammation as well as overall distress and discomfort due to some health conditions. But while CBD is a compound which we can extract from the hemp or marijuana plant, this doesn't mean that it can make a person feel ‘stoned’, unlike another famous compound from marijuana, THC. THC has specific properties which make it psychoactive, but CBD has none.

Although scientists continuously perform studies on CBD regarding its management of pain, scientists still have a long way to go. Regardless, numerous individuals have tried CBD oil and found that it works for their pain symptoms.  And even if there aren't any proven medical benefits to CBD oil, the fact that it is a natural supplement is already a big draw to many. Here's how you can utilise CBD oil for the management of pain.

· Relief from continuous or chronic pain

 Many researchers believe that CBD can interact with the brain's receptors and the receptors in the immune system, which can then result in specific effects which can inhibit pain and inflammation. Numerous individuals who suffer from chronic pain in the back claim that CBD oil has helped alleviate their symptoms. People with MS or multiple sclerosis are also known to use CBD oil to help manage their pain.

· Relief from symptoms associated with cancer treatment

CBD oil is often used by those who have cancer as well. Some researchers have tried to find out the effect of CBD on the management of pain due to cancer treatment, and CBD can be a possible alternative to the relief of pain symptoms associated with treatment such as chemotherapy. In a particular study by the National Cancer Institute, researchers sprayed CBD oil into participants' mouths and used it along with prescription opioids. They then found that CBD oil helped people achieve better management of their pain, although as everyone knows, scientists should still perform additional research.

· Relief from pain due to arthritis

Since CBD is believed to affect inflammation, it is also thought to alleviate the painful symptoms of conditions such as arthritis. People with arthritis have tried CBD oil, and scientists have also studied CBD's effects in notable studies which showed reduced pain and inflammation in rats.

The real benefits of CBD oil

Although scientists are the first to admit that they still need to do further studies on CBD and its benefits, particularly on its real benefits to pain management, they also conclude that CBD shows plenty of potential. People who experience chronic or regular pain, for instance, can take advantage of CBD oil without having to worry about being dependent on the product or being intoxicated by it, unlike opioids and other prescription medication. If you would like to buy CBD oil, however, make sure that it is from a good, reliable source – it can provide you with a lot of benefits indeed, but where you get it also matters. 

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Updated Date: 07 September 2018, 11:54

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