Bedford art class with music: 'liberating, inspiring'

Artists have described an art club that uses music as a way to incite creativity as "liberating" or "inspirational."

Bedford art class with music: 'liberating, inspiring'

Fiona Wilson, co-creator and founder of Painting Music at Frescoes Art Club in Bedford, stated that it was meant to encourage experimentation and combat overthinking.

Pat Walsh, a professional artist, stated that it "takes your out of yourself".

Andy Ramsey, an artist, stated that it promotes self-expression without judgment.

Fiona Wilson, who founded the group along with Xanthe Jackson, a cafe owner, stated: "Painting music is exhilarating.

"It's an intense sensory experience that stimulates spontaneous and emotive responses. It allows me to quickly get exciting marks.

"What sets painting and music apart for me is how 'in-the-moment' they can be.

"Sessions can be very relaxed and are designed to encourage experimentation and combat overthinking, as well as cleanse the soul."

She said that the music includes pop, blues, classical and glam rock and is an "eclectic mixture" that is unique for each class.

Bromham native Ms Walsh said that painting to music was "completely new and something I have never experienced previously, as I normally paint quietly, and it's considered serious business."

She said, "The sessions are just fun. They take you out. You are completely swept up by it."

"This is far beyond my comfort zone, and it's different than anything I've ever done before. It's liberating."

Bedford resident Mr. Ramsey said that he would spend two weeks making art, but that he was able to create something completely different when he painted music to music.

He said, "The sessions are inspiring. You have the freedom and flexibility to create without any intention - it just happens."

"It's freedom, and you step out of your comfort zone."

Gemma Telford started attending in October. She said that she hadn't done any art since leaving school. However, she really enjoys the opportunity to be creative and play with new things.

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