Corruption: Former Bilfinger managers are to pay compensation

Bilfinger accuses ex-managers of having done too little against corruption. They're supposed to pay high millions of dollars. Among them is also Roland Koch.

Corruption: Former Bilfinger managers are to pay compensation

DerIndustriedienstleister Bilfinger requires twelve former board members to Einendreistelligen million in compensation. The company accuses m of having done too little in ihrerAmtszeit against corruption and not having AusreichendenAntikorruptionsregeln established. The Derehemalige Hessian minister-President Roland Koch (CDU), displays company from 2011 to 2014, was also affected. Koch rejected accusations as Haltloszurück.

Zwarsei topic of corruption during ir tenure has not been as derÖffentlichkeit as today, said ex-FBI director Louis Freeh, who advises started on payments. "But already at this time, Eseinen has given a code of conduct, after which payment of bribes was AnRegierungsmitglieder banned." In addition, DieFührung of a group is also obliged to "integremGeschäftsgebaren" without explicit standards.

Bilfinger needs to build a functioning compliance system

In year 2003, US Department of Justice initiated a lawsuit against Bilfinger and or companies for a bribery affair in Nigeria. 2013 Zahltedas Companies in US n 32 million dollars and promised to build a functioning compliance system against corruption. This is checked by a lawyer UndAntikorruptionsexperten. In return, DieStrafverfolgung was hired against Bilfinger. If Mannheim Unternehmenkeine compliance department were to build, its US business would be threatened.

In diejetzt, sum required by former managers amounts to costs that started had to pay in addition to existing but ungenügendenCompliance systems. Bisherhat conflict over alleged breaches of duty Bilfinger's in Africa UndAsien not reach courts. According to Freeh, Bilfinger and former board members are currently negotiating. "I hope for a außergerichtlicheLösung," said counselor.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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