Cynthia Nixon: Celebrity bonus was once

Cynthia Nixon became famous as Miranda in 34; Sex and the City 34;. Now the actress wants to become the Democrat governor of New York. Does she have a chance?

Cynthia Nixon: Celebrity bonus was once
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    Sex and city was a television series that let Frauenalles be what y wanted. Almost 15 years after last season, Cynthia Nixon, who played ZynischeAnwältin Miranda Hobbes, will now become Governor of New York. Her rival, incumbent Andrew Cuomo, against whom she entered DieKandidatur for Democratic Party on Thursday, has repeatedly criticized lack of experience of a challenger in course of election campaign. "MeineGegnerin lives in world of fiction." But if Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger governors of California and Jesse Ventura can be governor of Minnesota, why can't DannCynthia Nixon be governor of state of New York?

    For months, 52-JährigeSchauspielerin and activist has been trying to persuade New York Democrats to overlook ir political inexperience. Celebrity Bonus She has none. People have no interest in or wannabe politicians in public offices in face of Donald Trump's presidency. "We'll has already torn from a president who has no PolitischeErfahrung and is in business world a scoundrel, a swindler and einpsychopathischer narcissist, unable to empathy or repentance," is in a commentary under a New York Times article.

    But perhaps 60-year-old Andrew Cuomo has more in common with Donald Trump AlsCynthia Nixon. Both men were brought into family business by Ihrenmächtigen Fars (Cuomos Far war1983-1994 Governor of New York). Both men are struggling with free press, even though free press poses perfectly legitimate questions. There are accusations of corruption against both men, and both are known for not taking SexuelleBelästigung seriously enough. In a television debate, Nixon attacked IhrenGegner directly: "We have a corrupt group of Republicans in White House. I do not believe that a korrupterKonzerndemokrat would be best placed to oppose him. "

    Two terms of office since 2011 as governor, Andrew Cuomo has provided significant services. But he has done little to combat corruption in seinereigenen government and he has fallen into subway system, foundation of New York's economy. The New Yorkers yearn for change, and yet Cynthia Nixon was still plays Democrat, who had courage to compete against Cuomo and his nearly 30 million dollar-heavy campaign.

    Diegebürtige New Yorker is not related to former US president, but she is not an unknown in political landscape. Her interest in political activism began when she was at height of her career with sex and city and her ältestesKind in kindergarten. In year 2002 she was arrested when she protested against budget cuts in public schools. Toger with Ihrerheutigen wife Christine Marinoni, an activist, Nixon Fürmehr funding in public schools of New York City. And she istSprecherin Alliance for Quality Education, a ansässigenOrganisation in New York, who is strong for high-quality academic opportunities.

    Date Of Update: 14 September 2018, 12:00