Electric scooter: The Scooter Revolution

Several US companies want to change the city traffic with electric scooters for rent. Now they are pushing for Europe, the resistance is growing in the homeland.

Electric scooter: The Scooter Revolution
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    Scootergeddon came to San Francisco in late March. Several companies had distributed ir small battery-powered Elektrotretroller on streets of city overnight. The city's uppers were just as surprised as residents. Within hours, calls were made to city where citizens complained about scooters that had been carelessly deposited on sidewalks or blocked bus stops; They reported drivers who raced at high speeds and without regard for passers-by across sidewalks. In a hastily convened meeting in Stadthalle, so many residents wanted to air ir anger, that speaking time per person had to be limited to one minute.

    From San Francisco, e-scooters are almost half a year later disappeared for time being. The city is currently advising on proposals from twelve companies which hope to be allowed to start again soon with official approval. Nationwide, however, unsuccessful start on West Coast has not harmed triumph of scooter. And no company is currently more successful than bird, by far largest provider on market. Now company is expanding to Europe.

    Bird was founded only in 2017. Not even a year later scooters are found in more than 20 US cities, rating of provider on private investors market has recently exceeded mark of two billion dollars. It does not reveal wher company is profitable, but managers hardly lack self-confidence. His goal is to get as many cars as possible from streets, explains founder Travis VanderZanden in interviews. "We won't be satisfied until re are more birds than cars," said 39-year-old of New York Times.

    Bridge last mile with E-scooter

    The electric scooter can be borrowed for a dollar; The use itself n costs 15 cents per minute. Customers can stop scooter anytime and anywhere without having to look for a designated location. A battery charge lasts for well over 24 kilometers. Every evening scooters are collected and charged overnight to get back on road next morning. Who wants can help and get a few bucks earn.

    VanderZandens first company, Cherry, which promised car washes per app, was bought 2013 by Lyft service, VanderZanden itself assumed role of managing director. A year later he switched to Uber. A dispute with his old employer, who accused him of stealing company secrets, was settled in 2016. He has had enthusiasm for transport since childhood, says VanderZanden in interviews. The mor was bus driver in Wisconsin, and he himself had been told how awkward it was for passengers to get home from bus – years later he wants to solve problem of last mile with his micro-means of transport now.

    With uber-founder Travis Kalanick, he not only shares his first name. Critics say that company, like overpowering service, is only apologizing for chaos it is wreaking when it is already on ground, rar than asking for a permit in advance. Bird divides hundreds of scooters in a city to cater for demand and public attention, n take a step back and look at how those responsible desperately tried to respond to scooter invasion, Verge page described Strategy.

    Date Of Update: 08 August 2018, 12:00

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