Britney Spears: Nothing to say, nothing to sing

Britney Spears is back on tour and burns public calories. One wonders how it could become a quasi-feminist empowerment icon.

Britney Spears: Nothing to say, nothing to sing
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    Britney Spears climbs on dancer's back. She gropeds dancer asses and dodges dancers ' legs, moves from one domina outfit to next, climbs up and down stairs, turns forward, turns backwards, bends and stands again: candles straight, unmoved. Since 2011, biggest pop star of turn of millennium has not given a concert in Germany. Since last night you can say: Waiting gehtweiter. Spears has occurred in biggest hall of Berlin, her show Warjedoch less concert than public calorie burning. The Sängerinverweigerte not only live song, but also a halfway glaubwürdigeSimulation of it. Unfortunately, it should remain her only great spite gesture.

    For a long time, Spears has continued to write her career in such irregular chapters that she can easily make every new event a comeback. This also applies to your current Tourunter name piece of me, which continues until end of October through 21nordamerikanische and European cities, although none of ÜblichenAnlässe exists. No new album, no new Divorce – almost VERZWEIFELTBEWIRBT Spears latest infusion of her perfume series on all available large screens.

    13,200 spectators have come according to Veranstaltertrotzdem. Mainly adult women and men, who sporadically dastragen what pornographic filmmakers under school girl uniforms Imagine. EinSuperfan has wrapped up a plastic snake around body and stands out Damitviele or superfans who have left it on caps and T-shirts with inscription "WorkBitch". The formative slogan of second career decade VonBritney Spears sounds like a two-sided image campaign with Ivanka Trump. In recent years, however, he has developed an astonishing life of Alsquasi-feminist battle-cry.

    Before nervous breakdown and n

    It was a long way to get re. When BritneySpears released her first single baby One more time 20 years ago, n 16-year-old cultivated image of a chaste Vorzeigemädchenskurz before sexual revival. In retrospect, song and Daszugehörige video appear comparatively tame – little happens in what public-rechtlichsozialisierte audience in Germany is not already out of tele-Gymkannte. Neverless, Spears ' unbedarfter dealings with Lolita Symbolikund or fantasy launch aids for older men are no longer readily available.

    The first pop star years of teenager from Louisiana were marked by submissive faithful oath songs and equally UnterwürfigenSexverheißungsliedern, which reached climax of ir kinkiness in year 2001mit I'm a Slave 4 U. In case of this GrandiosenNeptunes production also applies: What was a hit at that time would be a Hitinklusive Shitstorm today. At concert in Berlin, Spears plays such highlights of her early work as a dutiful medley of tiefergelegtenKunststoffgitarren and dance scenes, which have to Musicalsstammen from screenplay of a discarded twilight. She has also realized that last eleven years of her lifetime are now giving better stuff.

    The career of Britney Spears leaves Sicheinteilen in a time before nervous breakdown and a time reafter. In February 2007, allegedly of marriage and drug problems GeplagteSängerin in her election home Los Angeles shaved off hair. She n went off with an umbrella on car of a mitfilmendenPaparazzo. It was followed by War of Roses and Rehab, a concern proceedings and or incidents over which media and audience tore ir mouths. Spears ' Vaterund A lawyer took over guardianship for ir assets. The regulation Giltbis today and still gives California judiciary beträchtlicheEinnahmen.

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