Online Dating: Users are more courageous when searching for a partner on the internet

According to a study, in online dating people are less afraid of a removal. Therefore, you would be more likely to contact partners who are more attractive than yourself.

Online Dating: Users are more courageous when searching for a partner on the internet

In online dating, most people look for partners that are more attractive than mselves. The majority search people who "play outside ir league," as US researchers call Science Advances journal. Men and women, according to results of study, write to online partner search people who are on average 25 percent more attractive than mselves.

The sociology of Elizabeth Bruch and physicist Mark Newman of University of Michigan had investigated for new study which strategies heterosexual people use in online dating. For this, y categorized attractiveness of users of an online network from New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle according to a specific rating mechanism. The basis was number of messages a person received on an advertisement and attractiveness of those who wrote m messages. "If you are contacted by someone who is attractive, you are probably even more attractive," authors explain.

As a result, y received a attractiveness hierarchy of users. "Instead of relying on estimates to find out what attracts people, this approach allows us to measure attractiveness by who gets most attention from whom," says physicist Newman.

As people who are willing to do so in study network write many and longer messages to people "Outside ir league", news often remained unanswered. This is a frequent complaint of users of online dating sites ". But, although response rate is low, our analysis shows that 21 percent of people who show such an ambitious attitude get a response from someone who is more attractive, "says Bruch. "Perseverance pays off."

After first phase of partner advertising, attractiveness becomes less important

Oak Hill adds: "Apparently, seekers are less shy, because insult to a potential rejection online is less drastic than it would be in a situation of sight to see." In worst case, you simply don't get an answer on Internet. Online dating communicates feeling of being able to constantly make new contacts, says Eicher: "Why not try it with ' best '?

The US scientists also compared attractiveness hierarchy with characteristics of users. For example, a result was that up to age of 50 years older men had higher attractiveness values than younger ones. In women, however, this figure decreased steadily from age of 18 to 60 years. The attractiveness, however, is only significant in first phase of partner advertising. Or studies have shown that unique traits are becoming more and more important in course of process.

Moreover, ideas of partnerships are highly culture-dependent. For example, it would be necessary to check wher results of breakage and Newman would be transferable to Germany, for instance, or to people living in country, and wher y could differ in different age groups.

Updated Date: 09 August 2018, 12:00

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