Middle East conflict: An injured missile bombardment from Gaza

Several missiles have been fired from the Gaza Strip on the Israeli city of Sderot. According to reports, a person was injured.

Middle East conflict: An injured missile bombardment from Gaza

Israel has once again become target of a missile attack from Gaza Strip: According to Israeli television channels, city of Sderot was bombarded. A human being was injured.

Time Online

Sderot is only a few kilometres away from Gaza Strip. The city was founded in 1951 in territory of a Palestinian village.

The Israeli army and police confirmed that a total of eight missiles were fired from Gaza Strip to south of Israel. Two of projectiles could be intercepted.

Violent clashes occur on Israeli-Palestinian border over and over again. Only a few days ago, a Palestinian was shot in riots of Israeli soldiers.

Since end of March, at least 160 Palestinians and an Israeli have been killed. In July, Israel's army launched an offensive in Gaza Strip. There, area is controlled by radical Islamic Hamas. Hamas is classified as a terrorist organisation by United States, EU and Israel. It disputes Israel's right to exist.

Updated Date: 09 August 2018, 12:00

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