KZ Buchenwald: KZ Memorial throws AfD-politician Trivialise

After the visit of the AfD MEP Stephan Brandl, the concentration camp memorial site Beech Forest critique: He played down anti-Semitic statements of his party.

KZ Buchenwald: KZ Memorial throws AfD-politician Trivialise

After his visit to former concentration camp, foundation of KZ Memorial Buchenwald has again criticized AfD Bundestag member Stephan Brandl. In a communication it was said that Brandl had denied historical revisionist statements of his party and Völkisch and anti-Semitic statements of members of AfD as short-term derailments of less individual trivialised. "On this basis, re could be no substantive discussion on work of foundation," it says in communication.

After conversation, Brandl said he was also disappointed. The purpose of meeting was for him to know "how foundation is working, which is getting tax money." He also asked management of foundation why y were against AfD Agitiere. Since January, Brandl has been chairman of Legal Affairs Committee of Bundestag.

In a press release that foundation had published before meeting, it was said that AfD was "equally not interested in factual solution of political and societal problems (...), as in preservation and defence of democratic values and Attitudes ". Instead, party "deliberately distorts reality, stirs consciously and aggressively prejudices, and opens itself directly or indirectly to right-wing extremism."

A year and a half ago, foundation had denied Thuringian AfD Bundestag Group chief Björn Höcke The visit of a commemorative event in former concentration camp. Höcke had previously said in a speech with reference to Holocaust memorial in Berlin: "We Germans, i.e. our people, are only people in world who have planted a monument of shame in heart of his capital city."

Date Of Update: 09 August 2018, 12:00

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