Emancipation in France: Discontinued model Superwoman

Frenchwomen Manage everything perfectly: love, children, career – so at least the cliché. Young women are now beginning to resist this gruelling role.

Emancipation in France: Discontinued model Superwoman
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    The French woman is always eineProjektionsfläche in this country. I know that, because I am one myself. And whenever I tell you, I notice how in my opposite, no matter welchenGeschlechts, usual pictures come up immediately. Frenchwomen are sexy undmodebewusst, y are talented actresses and ambitious managers. But above all, y are super women who simply do everything perfectly: career, love and family.

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    1977 was a correspondent of French daily newspaper Le Monde and editor-in-chief of German-French magazine "ParisBerlin". She has founded blog Medusablätter on women and feminism.

    This fondly told legend, which has been nourished by DenFranzösinnen itself, could soon fade. For re are more women in France who are critical of this ideal apply to live ir lives differently: eir move Entscheidungfür children on later or do not want any offspring at all. Some live Ganzohne partners – phenomena that are becoming increasingly widespread throughout Western world. Only such models of life in France are always nochtabuisiert.

    The norm is doomed

    This is exactly JournalistinMyriam Levain change, and last May book et toi tu t ' y Mets quand? Published – In German: "And when are you going to go?" In it she tells about her AmbivalentesGefühl to morhood, permanent exhaustion of her friends, Dieschon children, and her decision to leave her eggs in Barcelonaeinfrieren ( freezing of OVA is banned in France, except There is a medical indication).

    The time for publication of book could not be more appropriate. For three years, number DerGeburten declined in France, from 818.565 in year 2014 to 767,000 in year 2017, average Kinderzahlpro woman fell from 1.99 to 1.88. Young women in particular between 24 and 35Jahren are responsible for this development. Thus France is zwarnach as before one of most birth-rich countries of Europe, but something scheintsich to change. Many experts approach economic crisis of last Jahreals reason. But that is not enough as an explanation. In this context, Myriam Levainverweist mainly refers to French standard of making Karrierezu and at same time raise two to three children. has not this standard become undoing for many women?

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    By way, topic is not entirely new. The journalist Michèle Fitoussi already 1987veröffentlichte a book on DieÜberforderung of Super Women (Le Ras-le-Bol des superwoman, in German: "The Devil with DenSuperfrauen: The Addiction to Perfection"), which illuminates negative consequences derEmanzipation. For example, fact that women must be perfect not only at home undals mor, but also in ir profession and in love. DasBuch became a bestseller. Neverless, politics and society remained undone.

    Date Of Update: 28 July 2018, 12:00

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