Hip-Hop: trap is the glutamate in the current pop

Kanye, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Cro, Fler – basically they all sound the same. Trap is the sound that just controls the pop world. Just a hype?

Hip-Hop: trap is the glutamate in the current pop
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    The superstars of Pophaben discovered trap for mselves. Wher Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Drake or Hans Hartz aka Casper – y all slow down just ihreRhythmusmaschinen and go with flow of this infinitely casual variation of deship-hop. Kanye West also tries to treat his bipolar disorder with trap on his current album, Ye. And even in ZDF trailer DerFußball-WM, Russian rappers are trapped. As an interim climax DiesesTrends, Beyoncé and Jay-Z now rented Louvre toger with Mona Lisa, a dedicated pop superstar Pharrell Williams as producer, head designer of Super hip fashion labels Supreme as director and released video illustrate Your current trap hit apeshit – a visually umwerfenderKunstgeschichte-meets-black-power-par force ride. The template for song Tauchtezwei days later on Internet: a demo of band Migos, Aktuellpopulärsten protagonists of trap. Suddenly everything is kind of trap – and everything Irgendwiegleich.

    Let's take a few rewinds: in Atlanta ghetto of drugs and violence, sourn hip-hop was created in Nineties, which is result of musical elements of Distrap. Very deep bass, magical flickering hi-hats from DemRoland-808-drum machine, multi-dimensional synsizer-surfaces, initially imfast rhythm and with aggressive voices. A few years ago, DasTempo was noticeably throttled, from more than 100 to just about 70 beats per minute. With slower timing also rappers, Sieschreien no more, no, y babbling, y cough, y sing (oftunterstützt of Autotune), y now tell in an unstrenuous staccato, like in form triplet phrasing.

    First was Allemein me for rap community. Until January 2017, song Bad AndBoujee from Migos was suddenly shot at 1 on US Billboard charts – and n VieleWochen long stayed up re. Migos raised trap to a new level with a previously unheard vocal complexion: Voices AlsRhythmusinstrument, speech as sound material, ses, against ses and daraufKommentare in form of acoustic emojis (called ad-libs) on same line. Realising union'spotential in a relaxed posture – because world is currently loud enough Undunrhythmisch. To horror of some of present mainstream best wurdenMigos at Golden Globe Award even as The Beatles of ir Generationbezeichnet.

    In Germany, artists such as Fler, Ufo361 and Yung Hurn have eigenständigadaptiert trap early on. But with success of Migos, Gucci Mane, future and 21 Savage Georgia are dams broken: no matter if Schwesta Ewa, Ali as, Sido or CRO – more than half of rap releases in Germany sound like a trap, including underground Falco tribute album Live to die. In USA, trap currently occupies six of first ten places in DenBillboard-top-100. In addition, concise sound structures UndStimmphrasierungen for several months also flow into many pop productions outsideccms rap. An industrialized standard trap sauce spreads out, with uncreative cooking it comes out just like that, with AkuterÜbersättigungsgefahr as a result.

    So in next Monatenentscheidet, wher trap is only a trend for a season, i.e. a short gehypter sound, or wher courageous musicians can contribute something to his längerfristigenkünstlerischen development. By playing with sound by varying it by combining it with completely new elements.

    Date Of Update: 27 June 2018, 12:02

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