USA: A country under Trump is a country under Obama

What do you want in the USA now? Since Trump ruled the country, this question is often heard when you go there. But the old America hasn't gone down at all.

USA: A country under Trump is a country under Obama
What do you want in USA now? Since Trump ruled country, this question is often heard when you go re. But old America hasn't gone down at all. June 26, 2018, 18:22 UhrAktualisiert on June 26 2018, 18:22 Uhr125 comments Content
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    I hate that president. The young man, when Casey introduced himself, leans on our car door and opens a can of beer. His statement according to 35 today. "You have no idea who current president is," replies his friend. Casey laughs. He knows very well, but he doesn't care. "I hate all of m." The two come from Kentucky, a motorbike trip brought m to this campsite on norrn coast of California. They not only hate ir government, y also hate everything else: California, ir homeland, ir parents.

    Casey's mor was addicted to pills when Obama ruled, Ben smoked crystal meth among Democrats for first time, now he's an alcoholic under Trump. In end, he doesn't care. The system is broken, y mselves are broken, on his 35 beer and on his friends he counts today. It's seventh day of my trip along West Coast.

    The reaction to my planned trip to USA was strange. "A lot of fun in Trump country" was said, or simply sarcastic: "Hot time to go re." The country has finally changed. That's no longer old America. If I didn't see any news? In this case, almost manic occupation with White House is meant by news consumption. Germans suddenly watch CNN, follow American journalists on Twitter, watch late night shows with Stephen Colbert and are grotesquely informed about affairs of United States compared to people I meet on my trip.

    After all, you have to have an opinion, always, and to everything, we have Internet, we have no excuse for indecision.

    We have yes Netflix

    It's been a long time since I last visited USA. That was when Obama first became president. An exchange year, deep in south, a small town in Mississippi. For first time, a black man was voted most powerful male in world. At my parallel school re were still two proms. Unofficially, but very real: an evening for blacks, one for whites. There were hardly any churches in which colors mingled. Anor exchange student got house arrest because she had gone to movies with a dark-skinned boy. No man asked n: What do you want in this country? It was finally a new time dawned. In Germany, one rejoiced over a country that finally gars it. The German reason had seemingly finally persuaded Big Bror as well.

    Back in present, in "Trump Land", Casey shows us a large crystal meth factory in his native village on Google Maps. He zooms very close, two barracks appear, somewhere outside a small, degrained town. "Hells Place," he says. We nod. What to say, we know from Breaking Bad. We all seem to know US so well. Yes, we have Netflix.

    The internet has some ugly side effects, from privacy issues to Farmville invitations to strange emails where Nigerian princes promise a hot life and n never, never keep ir promises. Anor side effect is that network suggests to know or know everything and refore to express a very self-confident opinion. A life is not enough to read all information on Trump's last year of government alone, information is everywhere.

    "What do you want re?" asks me a friend in a message, sent by an American phone, about an American social network. And actually, all I want is what you always wanted to travel to: go, see people, try to understand a country a little better and beat one of those two kilo cheeseburgers in me. The plan, at least, was not to reassess this country now and to ask every kiosk vendor about its political stance.

    One does not talk to Americans about politics, that was first rule that was hammered into my 15-year-old head before I broke up to my exchange year. It also applies to Americans. The idea that US has changed greatly since a Cholerischer Twitter bot reigns is naïve, just as naïve as idea of a world in which racism suddenly disappears because a dark-skinned reigns.

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