Homann: There we have the salad

The delicatessen manufacturer Homann wanted to be the first large company to relocated its headquarters from the west to the east. Now the move was cancelled. Why?

Homann: There we have the salad
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    The news, which was to change world for Leppersdorf in eastern Saxony, came in June 2017. Leppersdorf: This is a beautiful place with green meadows, small houses and a large plant. The corporate group Theo Müller, better known as Müller Milk, manufactures yoghurt, h-milk, butter, products from instant milk foam called "latte crema" to sour milk cheese, for many years already. In June 2017 but came from Müller milk a special message. Leppersdorf should be headquarters, headquarters should move here. Not that of big group Müller milk overall. But at least that of Homann delicatessen, a daughter company from Dissen at Teutoburg Forest in Lower Saxony.

    Homann is market leader for delicatessen salads in Germany. For more than 140 years in business, 3000 employees at six German and two Polish locations. Annual turnover with dressings, sauces and delicatessen salads: 640 million euro. Also Homanns production, it was said, will be bundled from 2020 to Leppersdorf.

    The first major company to open its headquarters to east, not just to east! which will be taxed in future. Everyone cheered, from Leppersdorfer mayor to Saxon economics minister. What a message! The newspapers were full of praise, Leppersdorfer full of joy.

    And now, to stop euphoria, everything is completely different. It has now been decided that Leppersdorf will not be headquarters of Homann. And that is why this story suddenly does not tell how first time a West German group decided to go to east. But: how low chances of such a project are when West begins to fight back. If, in this case, a small lower Saxon place like Diss begins to fight back.

    It is not possible to talk directly with Theo Müller, and his Müller group only communicates sparsely – how many who play a role in this history also do not speak personally. But whole process can be reconstructed.

    Homann Delicatessen is a traditional company. 2012, Theo Müller took over this group, most famous milk Baron of Federal Republic. Müller makes millions with milk. And Müller does what he wants. He is 78, is considered to be idiosyncratic and erratic. He is one of richest Germans, and he did it himself: 1971 he took over from his far village dairy with only four employees. The "Yogurt with corner" is his biggest marketing success.

    Müller has been active in Leppersdorf since 1994, at that time he bought building of Saxony-Milk AG under construction, expanded and made it one of most modern dairies in Europe. It is said that re is no family living in Leppersdorf where at least one member of family works with Saxony milk. Saxony milk is produced from Monday to Sunday. 2300 staff has dairy. It generates its own electricity ( consumption is about as high as that of a small town), has its own cup production, a truck workshop and a logistics center.

    The works council chief from Teutoburg Forest talks about Saxony as if it were Siberia this article Dates from time No. 28/2018. Here you can read entire output.

    Theo Müller apparently came up with idea of bringing his acquisition Homann to Leppersdorf for cost reasons. Five production sites of Homann are obsolete. Instead of renovating se works, one wanted to build a single new plant. And why not in Leppersdorf, in east? "A long-term profitable operation of works is no longer possible," press release said a good year ago. A new plant in Leppersdorf should solve all problems.

    The conditions seemed favorable, already because east can still play its old advantages: cheap land, cheap wages. Opposite Müller's Leppersdorfer dairy plant, new delicatessen salad factory was to be built. As Saxony cheered when plans were announced!

    Updated Date: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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