M RR 50 Years M: BMW M 1000 RR als Jubiläumsmodell

M GmbH celebrates its 50th birthday.

M RR 50 Years M: BMW M 1000 RR als Jubiläumsmodell

M GmbH celebrates its 50th birthday. The motorcycle fans now want to surprise the vehicle refiners with a special model of the M 1000 RR, with the M RR 50 Years M. Everything remains the same on the engine side, but the add-on parts and the color have been properly improved, which is also reflected in the price the power bike is likely to knock down.

With the M 1000 RR, M GmbH has already proven that it can not only supply cars with the appropriate performance, but also motorcycles. With 212 hp, the super sporty BMW is at the forefront of the competition. The same applies to the curb weight of just 192 kilograms. And because it worked so well overall, an M RR 50 Years M in the color São Paulo Yellow is now being offered with the same technical components.

The reason is, of course, the 50th birthday of M GmbH itself, which, according to its own statements, wants to symbolize its own philosophy and the racing spirit from almost 100 years of motorcycle construction and 50 years of M GmbH with the very striking color. The M Competition Package is installed as standard. There are also extensive milled parts and a carbon package. In addition, a lighter aluminum swingarm and a maintenance-free endurance chain were installed. And because you really have to go on the circuit with a bike like this, the standard equipment also includes the activation code for the GPS lap trigger.

The engine is what is also known from the M 1000 RR: New forged pistons, new titanium connecting rods, modified combustion chambers and lighter rocker arms are used for the top performance of 212 hp. While full power is available at 14,500 revolutions, the maximum torque of 113 Newton meters is pressed onto the chain at 11,000 crankshaft revolutions. This means that the engine should work even more powerfully than the RR engine, especially in the range of 6000 to 15,100 rpm that is relevant for the racetrack in terms of driving dynamics. The suitability for sporty country road trips should not suffer from this, promises BMW.

Speaking of driving on country roads: Back in 1939, Georg "Schorsch" Meier proved with his compressor BMW at the Senior Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man that you can win with a BMW. 75 years after "Schorsch" Meier's success, Michael Dunlop achieved victory in 2014 on the BMW S 1000 RR.

It remains to be seen whether you will actually go on the track with the M RR 50 Years M or even drive the Isle of Man. Because the good piece can only be ordered from May 21st to November 30th, the number of models will remain manageable. The price, about which BMW is still silent, is completely different. But in view of the fact that the M 1000 RR with competition package already costs 37,100 euros, the special model with the new M emblem is unlikely to be available for less than 40,000 euros.


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