Stop discussing ethnicity, it makes absolutely no sense

a New problematic, a social phenomenon, but in the same debate, this time ungdomsrånen. When it comes down to it, the terrible of the development of förnedrings

Stop discussing ethnicity, it makes absolutely no sense

a New problematic, a social phenomenon, but in the same debate, this time ungdomsrånen. When it comes down to it, the terrible of the development of förnedringsinslag, it is difficult, if not impossible, to give a straight answer as to why it happens. I know that the förnedringar is that they are mainly targeted towards the people you despise or would like to exercise the power is on. The exercise of power by the violation, are neither new, unique, or unknown, as a social phenomenon. No matter what it is, a document that traumatiserar of the victims for a long time to come. This needs to be a priority and should be stopped immediately. However, regardless of the subject matter to be discussed is utanförskapsområden and its inhabitants, in the centre of the city. Burst, fully independent churches, gangstermusik, islamic extremism, or ungdomsrån.

the Majority of people in our segregated utanförskapsområden is derived from countries outside of the eu, often in countries where domestic violence is closer at hand. In spite of this, the majority are law-abiding citizens. As a matter of course, but still worth to underline that point. This tells us that the relationship between the un-Swedish " background and exclusion/isolation does not automatically result in a criminal record. But we can't seem to get any further than that, the discussion gets stuck, only to begin again at a later time.
the Simple answer to the difficult questions
The new ball is set in motion, everyone is running after, and the eternal debate is whether these two factors are set at random. We talk a lot about the ethnicity, race, and some of the other risk factors. Rarely if ever do we hear of the debate to sound as loud as other factors more so than just the un-Swedish " background, and school segregation. Maybe it's because it's a populist ploy to get tons of likes on social media, or maybe it's ignorance. We have a mix of the two. The simple answer to the difficult questions, and rather short-term than in the long-term.
Why are we talking about ethnicity?

remove all, and all will be well. Lock out everyone and everything will be better.

The more risk factors the greater the risk of a criminal record.

To be a different ethnicity than american is one of the risk factors, to live in segregated areas to one another. Believe it or not, there are a couple of factors in the behind. Various problems on the part of the parents, alcohol abuse, poor impulse control, criminality in the family, the drugs, the anger, the norm-breaking behaviour, poor school attendance, empatistörningar, poverty, etc .. the List goes on and on, but the more of these factors in their lives, the greater the risk of a criminal record. How is it that we never talk about anything other than ethnicity, race, and exclusion? In addition, it is particularly useless when we are only able to affect one of them, ethnicity is a difficult one to do something about it.
It's time to think about the longer-than-one-term in office

What do you say about that, and talk a little bit about how we are going to reduce the other risk factors as well. The risk factors that actually affect them. < / p>

1. The bet on increasing the adult presence in areas where young people are, in school and out of school hours. in Adults, the values of which represent, in our democratic country. < / p>

2. To provide social services, resources, and authority to transfer, the small number of children and young people who kidnap and terrorize whole schools and communities. < / span>

These children are usually more afraid of their parents than the authorities, and do not wish to embarrass her parents or be embarrassed in front of them.

the Children are learning the language, values, Swedish friends, and a fairer picture of the world. Anything that they can bring to the home, and slowly begin the integration process from the inside out. As a working school of thought is that most prevention and integration facilities that are available, and vice-versa.

Many of the most well-integrated migrants are, I feel, describes a similar journey in their path to integration or assimilation. < / span> < / span> < / span> < / span> < / span> < / span>

a Police officer and an expert of the Swedish television's ”this Week's crime.”

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 01:05

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