Thilo Sarrazin: A model railroad for Thilo Sarrazin

34; hostile takeover 34; is the hard work of an author who has a lot of time but little clue. You can imagine Thilo Sarrazin as a happy dilettantes.

Thilo Sarrazin: A model railroad for Thilo Sarrazin

Introduce consult, retired bank executive of your local Sparkasse has plugged horse, a penchant for a particular subject, mongolischenObertongesang about or culture of Samurai in Japan of 17th century. Now, a Sparkassen director does not have time To work in Allekulturwissenschaftlichen subtleties. But he reads about subject of what he gets into his hands. At some point he has read so much that he decides to write a book.

You know SolcheBücher. They appear in Kleinstverlagen with noble bindings and Lesebändchenaus red silk. They cover many hundred pages because author Einfachalles has written down what he believes to know about subject. And y are read Vonniemandem, because se books appear not only in Kleinstverlagen, but also in Kleinstauflage, and most of authors pay a whole MengeGeld to give ir friends and family a little attention for Christmas. Can.

Structural analysis can fail

I wurdeangefragt to make an analysis of argument structure for new Sarrazin book. This means that one looks at how author Argumentiertund where he replaces good reasoning by rhetorical cheating. Thilo Sarrazin, door opener of new rights to bourgeoisie, a new book with Not so factual title FeindlicheÜbernahme – this cries out for a critical and umfassendenAnalyse of argument structure. For content discussion of Sindsowieso, Islam scientists like Johanna Pink are more suitable, who said in ir meeting for time everything necessary to do so.

Daniel-Pascal Zorn

Daniel-Pascal Zorn, born 1981, is author of "logic for Democrats" and, toger with Maximilian Steinbeis and per Leo, from "Talking right".

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I begannalso to read – and as I read it, it dawned on me that I had to correct meineeigene reading posture. This was not a book of a Hound of Islam. Here nobody wrote sentences Dernächsten five years in Battle diary for right and right extremists. Rar, re were sentences wiedieser here: "It is far from me to want to interfere in religious beliefs or in dieLebensziele and ways of Life of ors." Or this: "Natürlichsollen people mingle." Or this beautiful phrase: "Dievernünftigste solution would be a lifting of differences by mixing Derverschiedenen ethnicities."

Every one who propagates mar from repopulation and dying German people howls at such sentences. Everyone else jerks off with Schulternund thinks: Yes, well, why not? Nix Ethnopluralism, Nix segregation VonEthnien – a lifting of differences by intermingling of ethnicities, equal rights for all.

"How I see Islam, by Thilo Sarrazin"

Je Weiterich read, more dawned on me: here, not an Islam critic writes with Spitzer pen against political Islam, here EinPrivatgelehrter tells us what he believes all about Islam and WelcheSchlüsse he draws from it. HowI See Islam, by Thilo Sarrazin.

Natürlichgehören to such a simulation of erudition always also steep ses. People with a little bit of humanities will example hardly be surprised that translation of a religious text, wörtlichgenommen, much more clearly acts as a reading of original text, which is related to different contexts. Besides Sarrazin, this has also islamischeFundamentalisten recognized, which is why, like him, he simply omits everything ihreLesart could interfere with.

Even statisticians would enjoy cheerful dabbling of former financial senator and board of Deutsche Bundesbank. He knows that dassStatistiken are always as meaningful and convincing as conditions y make. And that you can easily get into a sogenanntenScharfschützenfehlschluss device. That's because every sniper Seinkann when he shoots first and n herummalt target for hit. Transferring this means that if you choose your data so that you always confirm cadastral own condition, you will always be convinced that it is correct.

But se are systematic problems that are not behebenkann in two sentences. You'd have to go to school here. But this is not necessary in this work, because private scholars and ir fans also have ir place in this society. Only one should not confuse such texts with non-fiction or Garfach book literature. It is hard work, Methodischschlecht made out of ignorance, extensive and strong in opinion. You can jemandemschenken it. They are not worth mentioning for everyone else.

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