Wonder Weapon Of Magnesium? Which Suffering, the Mineral helps and where not

Our body needs Magnesium. The Mineral is missing, it can lead to complaints. A magnesium deficiency, is usually sufficient and a balanced diet. Magnesium is in

Wonder Weapon Of Magnesium? Which Suffering, the Mineral helps and where not

Our body needs Magnesium. The Mineral is missing, it can lead to complaints. A magnesium deficiency, is usually sufficient and a balanced diet. Magnesium is in nuts and whole grain products, spinach, and bananas.

to provide In some cases, it may be useful to the body in addition with a Portion of Magnesium in the Form of tablets or powder. This should only happen in consultation with a doctor. Because not every Suffering can help magnesium supplements and high-dose products can even damage.

Helps weakness of Magnesium in heart?

answer: Yes, but with magnesium supplements should taking Affected only in consultation with a doctor.

if the body Lacks Magnesium, it may have an effect in heart rhythm disorders that weaken the heart muscle. Doctor Andreas Götte from the German heart Foundation, explains: A lack of Magnesium can alter the "the so-called membrane potential of cardiac cells in such a way that it comes to an increased excitability of the pacemaker and muscle cells in the heart, and thereby increased cardiac arrhythmias."

For the treatment to provide, according to Götte magnesium aspartate or magnesium citrate in a dosage of 10 mmol per day. Patients should resort to the preparations but only on the recommendation of a physician.

Magnesium Helps in atherosclerosis?

answer: Yes, researchers suggest that Magnesium prevents calcified vessels.

animal and cell studies, had already come to the conclusion that a lack of magnesium can lead to calcification of arteries. Scientists from Boston has been able to confirm this connection in the year 2014 on the people.

The Team had examined about 2700 adult volunteers over 42 years and found that The more Magnesium had taken, the people daily, the lower your risk for hardening of the arteries was. On average, the subjects had taken 338 mg, which is roughly equivalent to the recommendation of the German society for nutrition. Subjects who had taken daily 50 mg more had a 22 percent lower risk of calcified coronary arteries. From Monday to Friday you supplies departmental FOCUS Online with the most important messages from the Health. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

Magnesium Helps with cramps?

answer: Unsafe. Magnesium is important for our muscles, researchers doubt, however, that additional magnesium supplements to help with cramps.

Magnesium is important for the contraction of our muscles. A deficiency can lead to cramps or muscle irritate. The limbs can be tension, tingling, or numb to the touch. Many people therefore in the case of cramps magnesium-containing food supplements.

in Order to examine the Use made of researchers from Israel 48 adult daily magnesium oxide oral. At the end of the six-week test phase, they found The subjects had not more or less cramps nocturnal Leg, as the 46-member control group that had taken extra Magnesium.

A Meta-analysis of the researchers network, Cochrane comes to a similar conclusion. Researchers had studied four Magnesium-studies with a total of 322 participants. All of the studies suggest that the Mineral relieves neither cramps nor their frequency are influenced.

in Most cases, muscle spasms can be with the right nutrition to prevent. Anyone who suffers from persistent under cramps, you should speak with a doctor about magnesium supplements.

Magnesium Helps with headaches and migraines?

answer: Yes, several studies demonstrate the effect.

Many researchers have studied the relationship between Magnesium and headaches already. Most come to the conclusion that Magnesium helps! So an international Team of scientists from Australia, Romania and the United States described the Mineral in a published in 2011, working as a "potentially well-tolerated, safe, and cost-effective Option for migraine prophylaxis". You don't suspect that Magnesium prevent only migraine, but also acute in the case of migraine, tension headache and cluster headache may help.

Todd Schwedt, Germany, from the Mayo Clinic in the US state of Phoenix confirmed for 2018: An effective treatment of migraines is magnesium citrate possible.

Magnesium Helps with heartburn?

answer: Yes, many medicines for heartburn include Magnesium.

the so-Called antacids are medications used for heartburn are frequently used. They are often made of aluminum - and magnesium-containing Compounds, which bind the acidic gastric juice. The experts from Stiftung Warentest explain: "Both substances are combined: Magnesium acts faster, but not as long as aluminum. The acid can neutralize a little better, has a mild laxative effect, aluminum rather stopfend." Consumer centre warns: 17 Magnesium products can warns of the health damage, FOCUS Online/Wochit consumer: 17 Magnesium-products of the damage to health

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