The Simplest of Ideas for Increased Health — Attunement

In 1929, the American visionary Lloyd Arthur Meeker offered his first Attunement in Witchita

The Simplest of Ideas for Increased Health — Attunement

In 1929, the American visionary Lloyd Arthur Meeker offered his first Attunement in Witchita, Kansas. Like Reiki or Qigong, the practice of Attunement elevates and harmonizes the flow within the human energy field. However, Attunement is a non-touch energy medicine practice in which the practitioner establishes an energetic connection directly with the endocrine glands of the client.  


In 1932, Meeker experienced a profound spiritual awakening. For three nights in succession he wrote, allowing the words to flow through his pen from a reality beyond his own human mind. As he did so, he saw the room fill with light. Through that deep experience, he adopted the pen name Uranda, and he named the organization he founded Emissaries of Divine Light.


From 1929 to his passing in 1954, Meeker continued to develop his practice and teaching of Attunement. In 1945, he purchased a dryland farm in Loveland, Colorado, for a teaching center for Attunement. It became known as Sunrise Ranch.


In the early 1940s, a group of chiropractors led by Dr. George Shears were beginning to experiment with energy medicine. The called their work G-P-C, which stood for God-Patient-Chiropractor. Shears experimented with “no-force” chiropractic adjustments, which relied on healing energy through the hands instead of the physical manipulation of the spine.


G-P-C chiropractors and others flocked toward Meeker, who already had a well-developed practice of Attunement. From 1952 to 1954, many of them attended three six-month Attunement trainings at Sunrise Ranch.


As Meeker presented it, Attunement is the simplest of ideas: Human health at every level depends on our Attunement with the life energy emerging through the human experience.


The chiropractors working with Meeker, and others, assisted him to develop the philosophy, teaching and practice of Attunement. They created a system of energetic contacts points for the endocrine glands, with corresponding contact points in the nervous system. They went on to do the same for the major organ systems of the body.


Merriam-Webster says that to attune is to bring into harmony. This is the foundational premise in the practice of Attunement: Health surges as a person harmonizes with the creative energies available to the physical body, the mind and the emotional body.


Attunement is, first of all, an individual practice by which a person tunes in to those creative energies. As conscious beings, that process of “tuning in” transpires through thought and emotion. The practitioner discovers the pattern of thought and attitude that opens human emotion to the creative energies within it. And having discovered and explored that experience, they develop a practice of replicating it daily, allowing it to unfold like a blossoming flower. As this conscious unfoldment continues, the energy in the body rises, bubbling up through the human energy field and out into creative life expression.


Once this conscious practice is firmly established for the Attunement practitioner, they are able to offer the flow within their own human energy field out through their hands to the client and assist the client to open up that same flow for themselves. The practitioner is also in position to teach the conscious practices that assist the client to open up the flow of vital life force for themselves.


Since 1954, many others have continued the practice and teaching of Attunement. Emissaries of Divine Light continue to teach and practice Attunement at Sunrise Ranch, along with related studies that further the spiritual regeneration of humankind.

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