The people wanted me to be their gift...

It is Thursday morning. Lotta Neumann, is on his way to a medical specialist on the west Coast of north america. in Her car, takes a little more than two hour

The people wanted me to be their gift...

It is Thursday morning. Lotta Neumann, is on his way to a medical specialist on the west Coast of north america.

in Her car, takes a little more than two hours.

It is a tennis elbow like nothing was too much trouble for the courses.

" I'm going to get a shot at the elbow, and one in one wrist. I was in pain, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to play golf again, " she said.

She began to play on the LPGA tour in 1988. The year after, she moved to the united states, and was to be seen.

" today, it's raining, but it's not as common here as a matter of fact. I live in the Palm Springs area, there is only the desert, the sun and the mountains. It may rain for ten days in a year. More, it is not, she said Neumann.

She reaches the age of 54 in may, and her whole life has been one long golfsaga.

his Career started at the age of nine, in a small City in southern sweden.

" I was burned directly on the gulf. I have worked with a lot of other sports, and played table-tennis, football, and baseball, but nothing was as much fun as playing the game of golf.

the national CHAMPIONSHIP as a 15-year-old,

Lotta, who played in a few local competitions, before she was 15 years old, I went to Jönköping, sweden and became the Swedish champion in the seniorklassen.

" Then it was born of the idea that I would be able to live the life of the game. I would put it all in order to see how far it would go.

The young talent, winning a national CHAMPIONSHIP, and was, as a 19-year-old pro on the pga Tour.

" It's hard to say, but maybe it was that I had a good touch and a competitive spirit. Your short game was my strength. I pushed and chippade well, in the beginning of my career. When the family went skiing and for the winter vacation, we went to Spain, so I was able to play the game of golf.

In July 1988, the rose, Lotta Neumann at the Baltimore Country Club to play in the U.S. Open.

It was a contest that changed her life.

the 22-year-old swede was approaching the last one, the 18th hole, was greeted by 20,000 cheering spectators.

She only had 277 shots in order to cope with the four rounds. New mästerskapsrekord of the two-stroke in the competition's 43-year history.

She was writing a new chapter in Swedish golf history, and showing, also, the way to the blue and yellow of the golfunder, as now, lived on for three decades.
”All of the drug is in me”
Lotta Neumann's life changed in an instant.

on the Morning after, she was one of the guests of the wanted television program ”Good Morning America.”

this, Then, was the circus at the time.

" All of the drug made me do it. I was a young man, about 22 years of age. I wasn't used to all the attention that came my way to victory. It was a different sponsorgrejer to the person who asked me if I could play a game with their grandfather, or if I could be his birthday present.

"it was hard for me to say "no thanks" and went in for a dip. It made me start to think about what was really important to me. It was, of course, play a round of golf. It took me a couple of years before I was able to focus mainly on the gulf once again, and start to play well.

" oh, Yes, I am. I come from a small town in Sweden, and found that it was possible. I am very proud of the players as Annika Sorenstam said, that I was the one who opened the door for the team.
A great mediauppbåd met Liselotte Neumann when she came back home after the triumph at the US Open in 1988.Photo by: < / b> BY WAHLBERG ”Lotta” Neumann, with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open in 1988. Photo by: < / b> of the AP, TT NEWS agency Liselotte Neumann, who as a young man golftalang of the City, in 1981.Photo by: < / b>, DJ PHOTO by: Previous Next Exit fullscreen mode

”Lotta” Neumann, won the 25 euros, about 25 times, she was the runner-up and 16 times, and finished third.

in 2009, she played in only nine races, and in the following year, which was the last on the us tour, and it was for four concerts.

the Problem with your back
" I was starting to have problems with my back. It was my first big injury and I had been away for much of the tour. I tried to get it again, but it did not help.

"No," I felt like I had been. I had been a pro a long time, and I saw how much the young girls are trained, and how long they had. I didn't want the other players on the tour would know that ”this is she, who is old, and just crying”. I think I made the right decision.

" It's the only thing I dreamed about as a child, to have a nice car and a nice house, and I have to this day. I feel like I'm living a pretty normal life. The house and the car, well is many people's dream into reality.

" it's my game of golf. I'm playing on the legendtouren, and organises golf-schools in the Palm Springs, california, where I live. Going to have to start now and another in april, but with a view of the Corona virus, which is spread all over the world, so I don't know how it is now, with all of it. I also train in the gym and go on some cross-country skis.

" It feels like we're in a time of crisis, the entire economy has collapsed. It is very uncertain, and, above all, unpleasant. You see, in times like this how important it is that health is the with the.

over the last ten years or so, Lotta Neumann dual citizenship.

" It was the right thing. It is much easier to live here. I was able to go in and out of the country, the way I would like to vote for it. There are a lot of benefits.

" That depends. I saw a match on tv between Sweden and the united states, I'm from Sweden. Playing Europe against the united states in the Solheim Cup, I'm in Europe. However, in other situations, I agree, of course, in the united states.

" It will be a journey, but I no longer know how the country works. I have been living in the united states for over 30 years and I know how it all works here. I've never lived in a house in Sweden, and paid the bills there. I was living at home with mom and dad in the City before I moved to the usa.

" I've been playing a lot of competitions on here and had to fast for the city. It fits in with my lifestyle. It's a great climate and is only an hour and a half by car from Los Angeles.

" I will keep up with it as much as I can on the tv. Sweden is always going to be strong, as it is a new, up-and-coming players all of the time.

Lotta Neumann has been in a number of Swedish players have won a major. In 1993, won the Helen Alfredsson at the Nabisco Dinah Shore, and two years later, with Annika Sorenstam the first of a total of ten major championship when she won the US Open.

Anna Nordqvist, (two times); Roy Lindberg and Henrik Stenson have also been one of the most achievement.

" We live all three in the united states, but it is a long distance between us. I first met Helen and Kent Nilsson's when we were playing in a legendtävling, which she won. We had breakfast together and had a good time.

" I hope that I am able to play golf for as long as I want. I feel like I'm always going to be involved in sport in some way. It is important to stay in shape and don't get sick.

" What's happening, but it's not quite as much now as in the past. You're getting older, and many have probably forgotten what I was doing. But of course it's friendly to people once in a while and would like to talk to them. The people who say that they saw the win on tv, or any other that stood out in the crowd. It's nice, but I've never been someone who really wants to be in the spotlight.

Neumann has recorded more than 49 million
Name: Liselotte Neumann.

Nick name: Lotta.

date of Birth: may 20, 1966 in the City.

Residence: Palm Springs, california, united states.

Occupation: Former pro golfer, now a golfinstruktör.

the Main merit of 25 euros.

Majorsegrar: the 1988 U.S. Open.

the LPGA victories: in 1991, the Mazda Japan Classic. In 1994, the Minnesota LPGA Classic, Weetabix Women's British Open, GHP Heartland Classic. In 1996, the Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament of Champions, PING Welch's Championship, First Bank Presents the Edina Realty LPGA Classic. 1997 Welch's Championship, Toray Japan Queens Cup competition. In 1998 the Standard register PING, the Chick-fil-A Charity Championship. The 2004 Asahi Ryokuken International Championship.

the Solheim cup: 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000.

the official money of 48 887 124 dollars.

in the Other: the newcomer of the Year on the LPGA tour in 1998. This year's golfers in Sweden in 1994.

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