Visa, residence, duty: What a citizen changes through the Brexit for EU

Since mid-2016, has been a struggle between Brussels and London, now the step is that the European Union wanted to avoid: On 31. January is leak the United King

Visa, residence, duty: What a citizen changes through the Brexit for EU

Since mid-2016, has been a struggle between Brussels and London, now the step is that the European Union wanted to avoid: On 31. January is leak the United Kingdom officially from the EU.

The risk of a "hard Brexit" is still not banned because the precise arrangements for future customs rules and border checks still need to be negotiated. So it was set in the 600-page divorce agreement between the UK and the EU.

further details are regulated by a transitional period until 31. December 2020 will take. But what need to take note of travellers, EU citizens who already live on the island and companies that do business with the British, now?

After Brexit: entry, exit, visas, and driver's license

the outlet If the UK from the EU, the limits are the limits to the island of EU foreign. And at external borders is usually controlled as well as in Germany before the entry into force of the Schengen agreement in 1995. But at least to 31. December 2020 will change for EU citizens on entry and exit to and from the UK, nothing. So it is laid down in the transitional scheme. This means: there will still be no customs controls or import restrictions. dpa/Christian Klose When Packing, remember: travel and identity documents.

A valid identity card or passport are still needed, because Britain was never a member of the Schengen agreement. As of 2021, only passports and no identity documents will be accepted. An international driving permit in German is not need after the UK's exit from the EU, the German driver's license is also recognized continue. Who wants to drive with the own car to the UK, as from 2021, however, a green insurance card that every Car insurance policy issued on request.

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German residents in the United Kingdom

Germans living officially in the United Kingdom, can get your current rights as EU citizens if you apply for a "Settled Status". This includes the right to live there, to look for work and to work without a work permit, as well as the right to equal access to health care, pension payments and other services. The "Settled Status" is a (then former) EU law-based right of permanent residence in the UK. Only those who spends longer than five years continuously abroad, or crimes concedes that the "Settled Status" can be withdrawn.

The application for the "Settled Status" has to 30, according to the "German representation abroad in the United Kingdom," until, at the latest. June 2021, are provided in the case of an unregulated Brexits shall be valid until 31. December 2020. 30. March 2019, the application process is run in accordance with the so-called "EU Settlement Scheme" attached.

if you already have the British or Irish nationality, must apply for a new residence status for the UK. EU citizens have a EU-nationality and the British nationality and prior to the receipt of the British nationality for at least five years, the rights of the free movement Directive have been exercised, may apply for "Settled Status". You enjoy, however, in relation to family reunification rights equal to people with "Settled Status".

(More information of the British government in this case)

importance of the Brexits for business and trade

Also for German companies doing business in the UK, will change up to the end of the year, nothing. Because up to 31. December, the United Kingdom remains a member in the customs Union of the EU.

In the transition phase, wants to close the UK a trade agreement with the EU. Target London has issued, no customs duties and quantitative restrictions in trade. But Brussels wants to engage in it only when the British Standards in terms of the environment, workers ' rights and the state of the economy involved in EU aid. In addition, so-called non-tariff barriers to trade does not threaten, if London committed to the long-term alignment with EU product standards. Then companies would have to take time-consuming procedures in purchase to make your products approved for the market.

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flights: Brexit brings for the time being, no Changes

At the flight connections from and to the UK nothing would change first, the German travel Association (DRV). The Andrea Hetzel from "Visit Britain confirmed". The airlines have released their summer flight schedules for many months, the flights are already bookable. The EU passenger rights rules, among other things, compensation in the event of failures of flights and long delays, should apply according to the British government, even after the Brexit, such as the European consumer centre in Kehl informed. dpa/Silas stone/Reuters Lufthansa


costs Brexit is not changed Also with views of the roaming costs are to be expected up to the end of the year, no Changes. That is to say: After the Brexit many tourists must pay no Extra cost for Surfing and home phone calls with the Smartphone. Because the mobile service provider can classify the UK to continue volunteering in the EU-Zone. The Telecom will proceed with the Non-EU country, Switzerland, and has signaled to the United Kingdom so treated. Also in the case of Vodafone, will initially remain the same. The company believes that the UK remains in the EU Roaming regulation. Telefónica (O2) has decided to 31. December 2020 to change once nothing - then the UK should, where appropriate, be classified in another countries zone.

The arrangements in terms of flights and roaming costs could change, however, when the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to apply a Unger Brexit is not - if the conditions fit, the want to negotiate the EU, with the UK up to the end of the year. The roaming costs could be incurred quite quickly. And also the cheap flights could then be history.

Northern Ireland-border: exemption remains

The existing exception for the absence of border controls between the British province of Northern Ireland and the EU remain in place. Again and again the so-called "Backstop" were discussed: Northern Ireland should remain part of the EU internal market and the EU Standards to comply with. This includes checks between Northern Ireland and the Rest of the UK are necessary. Regularly, the Northern Irish Parliament is allowed to decide whether the scheme should continue to apply.

this so-called "Backstop" is to be prevented, it is between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which remains part of the EU, once again to conflict. Because there is a citizen, there was once a war between Catholics and Protestants which was ended with the good Friday agreement in 1998. Until the end of the nineties, the border between the two Nations was secured with soldiers and watchtowers, is now hardly anything to see. To all Involved in that, too.

for Detailed information on all the individual aspects, for companies as regards the preparation for Brexit, here.

transitional phase: a Little time for a great deal

In the "transition phase", which lasts until the end of 2020, and once by a maximum of two years may be extended, in the UK more EU law. About participation and voting rights in the EU institutions of the island state is no longer in the "Transition Period" though. The rules of the common EU internal market, such as the freedom to provide services and the free movement of persons, however, are still valid.

the aim of the transition phase is to negotiate the long-term relations between the UK and the EU. So both sides want to close until December 2020, a free trade agreement. An unregulated Brexit should be prevented to the possibility of negative consequences for companies and the EU to prevent citizens. Politicians and experts keep the eleven months that remain for the negotiations between the UK and the EU, however, for a very narrow time window.

showed in the past: Usually, it takes a long time to close a trade agreement. The best example of Ceta is here, the parties sat for seven years at the negotiating table. That there will be more room for agreement between the UK and the EU, however, is unlikely: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected a possible extension of the transition phase.

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