Bonn: Bonn policeman after assault transferred to Jewish professor

A professor from the United States was held for the perpetrator and injured by an official. The incident now has consequences for the policeman.

Bonn: Bonn policeman after assault transferred to Jewish professor

The Bonn policeman, who has beaten a Jewish professor in a mission, has been transferred to anor office. That was shared by a police spokesman. During incident in Bonn Garden, Israeli university teacher Yitzhak Yochanan Melamed was attacked by a German with Palestinian roots from US University of Baltimore. The alarmed officials initially held Melamed for attacker and overwhelmed him. The police also admitted this and apologized. According to ir presentation, officials involved said that Melamed had not stopped on ir cries and n resisted.

The 50-year-old philosophy professor denies this: "I was not to 100, but to 500 percent passive," he told newspapers of Spark Media Group. The policemen had immediately left for him, he could barely brea, let alone resist. He just called him to be wrong guy. The officers tied his hands with handcuffs on his back and punched him in face dozens of times so he bled.

Later, one of policemen taught him: "Don't get in trouble with German police!" ("Don't hang out with German police"). He replied that he was no longer afraid of German police. This killed 1942 his grandfar, his grandmor, his uncle and his aunt.

Eyewitness describes incident as "extremely brutal"

On guard, cops would have tried for an hour and a half to get him off a complaint. In end, y would have made it clear to him that if he complained about m, y would be forced to accuse him of resisting.

An eyewitness described incident as "extremely brutal" to Bonn General scoreboard. After his observation, however, a policeman wrestled with scientist, not several. According to information from NRW Minister of Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) disciplinary proceedings were initiated against all officials involved in deployment. It is also controversial how often man was beaten. Melamed speaks of dozens of paint, police are referring to ongoing investigation.

After incident, Bonn Police president visited Melamed. But that is only due to fact that he is a professor at an American university, he wrote in a letter: "If I were only an underdog of German society, no one would be interested (and certainly no one would believe complaint Gift). "

On attack itself, Melamed reported that man had addressed him with words "Are you Jewish?" and said that he was Palestinian. He expressed his sympathy for Palestinians. The man now yelled at him in English, insulted him and pushed him. He had beaten his head three times and called him, in Germany it was not allowed to carry m. The 20-year-old was temporarily detained and taken to a psychiatric clinic.

Date Of Update: 17 July 2018, 12:02

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