Eating: Thousands demonstrating in food against right-baiting

After the riots in Chemnitz, thousands of people went to the streets for democracy, humanism and tolerance in Essen. The demonstration was peaceful.

Eating: Thousands demonstrating in food against right-baiting

Several thousand people took part in a demonstration in Essen, which was under motto "wirsindmehr – Stand up against right-baiting". The police estimated Teilnehmerzahlzunächst to be several thousand; The organizer, Alliance "food turns out" spoke of at least 5,000 people. They moved with banners with inscription "We are colourful" or "racism has many faces, but all are ugly" from central Station through city centre. The police eat wrote on Twitter, demonstration by DieEssener downtown has so far been peaceful.

The marching can move peacefully through Essen city centre. This is way to go! e13091

— Police NRW E (@Polizei_NRW_E) 13 September 2018

In DemKundgebungsaufruf it had been said: "Toger we stand FürWeltoffenheit, democracy, humanism and tolerance. We Überlassendie street not right. " The demo was supported by by churches, workers ' welfare and German Trade Union Confederation. Before beginning, churches had invited an ecumenical peace prayer.

At a counter-event called "Vigil for Daniel H." Registered, seven people took part in police. The demonstration was cause of riots in Chemnitz. The 35Jahre old Daniel H. had been stabbed on night of August 26th. Tatverdächtig are both Syrians and two Iraqis. Right-wing extremist groups had taken this to occasion of Fürmehrere, some aggressive demonstrations and rallies. Racist and anti-Semitic attacks occurred, Hitler's greetings were shown and journalists were also prevented from working. For Friday evening, group calls Pro Chemnitz again for a demonstration in city centre of Chemnitz.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2018, 12:00

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