In Austria, the obligation to isolate is abolished - France abolishes measures entirely

In France, all corona measures will be lifted on Monday.

In Austria, the obligation to isolate is abolished - France abolishes measures entirely

In France, all corona measures will be lifted on Monday. For trips to France, proof of the corona vaccination protection, a negative test or the recovered status are no longer required.

A number of special corona rules have thus been lifted in the holiday country, which is also popular with many Germans. So far, travelers entering the country either had to be fully vaccinated or be able to show a current negative corona test. For travelers from the EU and some other countries, proof of a recently recovered infection was also accepted. This is now usually no longer necessary. However, if dangerous virus variants emerge, the government can again order travelers to present a negative test before boarding a plane to France.

Masks no longer have to be worn in hospitals and similar facilities. Last week, however, the Ministry of Health “very urgently appealed to all French people” to continue to wear mouth and nose protection in sensitive areas.

In Austria, the obligation to isolate will no longer apply from Monday. Anyone who has tested positive for the corona virus but does not feel sick will be able to leave the house in the future.

However, those who test positive must wear an FFP2 mask – unless they are outdoors and can keep a distance of two meters from other people. It is therefore also possible to work with a positive test, but only in professions in which a mask can be worn. Infected people are even allowed to go to events and, for example, to swimming pools or restaurants; however, they must wear a mask at all times. Eating or drinking is expressly not permitted. On the other hand, retirement and nursing homes as well as health facilities and kindergartens may only be entered by infected employees.

New Zealand has opened its borders to travelers from all over the world since the night. It is the last opening step after the island state largely sealed itself off from the outside world in the course of the corona pandemic in March 2020. The regulation applies from Sunday 11:59 p.m. local time. "This is great news for the tourism industry and economy as we approach spring and summer and people from the northern hemisphere are booking their winter holidays," said Minister for Tourism Stuart Nash. Cruise ships can also call at the country again from Sunday.

The New Zealand government has gradually opened the borders this year. Since May, vacationers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as from other visa-exempt countries such as Great Britain and the USA have been allowed to enter again. The latest opening step now applies to those who need a visa - including tourists, students and workers, said Tourism Secretary Nash.

Visitors must test themselves upon arrival and on the fifth day of their stay. You must also be vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, there are exceptions. It is recommended that you check with the New Zealand authorities for more information.

New Zealand, with its five million inhabitants, has long been considered a model country in the fight against the virus and at times pursued a so-called zero-Covid strategy. The country has now recorded more than 1.6 million infections and around 1,400 deaths.

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