Köthen: 22-year-old died of heart failure

In Köthen, after the death of a young man, two suspects were enacted after a commanding order. The dead man, according to autopsy report, died of heart failure.

Köthen: 22-year-old died of heart failure

After deadly quarrel in Kön, two suspects sit in custody. A judge issued an arrest warrant on Sunday for suspicion of personal injury with death, as police report. The two 18 and 20 year old men are Afghan citizens. They should be clashed in a playground with or men in night to Sunday. A 22-year-old German citizen died.

An autopsy of dead man revealed that he succumbed to a heart failure. "According to provisional, orally transmitted autopsy result, 22-year-old Kön has been given an acute heart failure that is not directly causally related to injuries suffered", says a press release from Police Directorate Saxony-Anhalt east. According to police, a connection to injuries suffered could not be established. The background to dispute was also unclear at first. It will be determined in all directions. In first place, central German newspaper had reported on it by referring to autopsy report.

The investigations against detained Afghans, however, continue to run. "At present time, investigation is being conducted on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury against 18-year-old suspects," says police directorate. Against 20-year-old suspects will be determined because of initial suspicion of bodily injury with death sequence. Appropriate detention applications are made by public prosecutor Dessau-Roßlau at local court in Dessau-Roßlau.

After incident, several rights groups in social networks called for a funeral march through Kön city centre. About 2,500 people were following call, shared location center of Ministry of Interior. Mayor Bernd Home Child (SPD) had discouraged himself from attending rally on Facebook, because he had information "that even violent groups from outside Köns will arrive in large numbers," he wrote.

The state Church of Anhalt, Kön parishes and Lord Mayor Bernd Domestic Child (SPD) had invited to Church of St. Jakob for a funeral devotion for Sunday afternoon. About 300 people participated in it, including several politicians.

Date Of Update: 10 September 2018, 12:00

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