Thailand: we'll take you Home

Divers have started to rescue the included youth group in the Thai cave system Tham Luang. The children should dive into the open for miles.

Thailand:   we'll take you Home

In Thailand, rescue campaign for twelve boys and ir football coaches included in a cave in norrn Thailand began. "Today is day X," said provincial governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, who also directs action. The wear and water level are good, divers are ready. "The young are physically, mentally and mentally ready to come out."

Children between ages of eleven and sixteen must swim and dive long way through cave system. Each boy is to be accompanied by two professional divers. A total of 18 professional divers are involved in operation, five of m from Thailand. "We will take you home," The Thai Marine divers posted on Facebook. The boys and ir coaches are to be led out of cave. According to crisis staff, this could take several days depending on wear conditions.

The group has been trapped in flooded cave in Chiang Rai Province since 23 June. She was surprised at an exploratory tour of sudden heavy rain. Nine days after ir disappearance y had been found. Since n y have been stuck in a dry place about four kilometers inside cave.

Thailand-included children send letters to ir parents who have been in a cave for two weeks and ir football coaches write, y are doing well. The rescue is still difficult. © PHOTO: Reuters/Athit Perawongmetha

Lack of oxygen and bad wear conditions increased pressure on rescuers. In next few days re will be heavy rainfall again. At location of group, oxygen content in air has fallen from 21 percent to 15 percent.

Parts of cave are still underwater. This means that boys for some parts need equipment of divers to move forward. Narongsak said that in past few days water level in cave had fallen sufficiently due to drainage measures. So now many parts could be done on foot. Australian paramedics would have entered cave on Sunday to assess health of boys. They would have confirmed that y were ready.

Even pros need hours of time online for way

The rescue operation is Trotzdemäußerst dangerous: a few days ago a diver of a Thai elite unit died on way back. He was out of oxygen on way. Even professional divers needed five to six hours last to get from group to exit. In addition, some of boys are not good swimmers.

In meantime, or alternatives had also been discussed: forces tried to drill shafts through kilometre-thick rock to boys and pump water out of cave system – in vain. A third option would have been to wait four months for end of monsoon in cave.

On Sunday, divers and paramedics arrived at cave. In addition, a media camp with more than 1,000 Thai and foreign journalists was vacated near entrance to cave. Access was denied to newly arriving reporters. They were forwarded to a government building with announcement that later a press conference will follow.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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