COVID and Sports: All Gold Cup Soccer Fans at Allegiant Stadium will be required to wear face coverings Sunday

This should be quite interesting.

COVID and Sports: All Gold Cup Soccer Fans at Allegiant Stadium will be required to wear face coverings Sunday

When a large crowd gathers at the Raiders' Allegiant Stadium for a major international soccer match, Sunday will be the biggest indoor crowd in Las Vegas.

Friday is the date that the state indoor mask mandate will be in effect in Clark County and Las Vegas. This comes just two days before Concacaf Gold Cup's championship game.

The international soccer match will take place in the 65,000-seat stadium. Many of the spectators are visitors, who may not have known about the state mask mandate that was announced earlier in the week due to the increase in COVID cases in Southern Nevada. The Gold Cup championship crowns the soccer champion from North America, Central America, and the Caribbean every two years.

UPDATE: The USA will face Mexico at 5:15PM Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

All people, vaccinated or not, should wear masks indoors at COVID-19 hotspots like Clark County and Las Vegas. A county spokesperson confirmed that all Gold Cup fans in Allegiant Stadium must wear masks.

Because Delta is twice as likely to spread than the original virus strain, COVID's Delta variant is driving up test positivity rates.

Nevadans are not flocking to be vaccinated against the virus that has claimed the lives of more than 600,000. All types of clinics offering free COVID vaccinations were available, from those located outside T-Mobile Arena and along Las Vegas Strip to those inside the stadium hosting Sunday's Gold Cup soccer match.

Vaccines can slow down the spread of COVID, and help save lives. Officials from the state were pleased to see that almost two percent of Nevadans who had not been vaccinated received their first COVID shot last week. questioned experts today about the concern that 60,000 people could be trapped in a stadium during a COVID surge.

Michelle White, chief of staff to the governor, stated that there is always a risk of transmission.

A spokesperson for the stadium said that all COVID protocols will be followed during the soccer match.

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