How to Watch Argentina vs. Brazil (9/9/2021): Copa America last time, TV channel, Free live stream

Two of the top 2021 Copa America teams meet in the finals at Maracana Stadium, Saturday, July 10, 2020 (7/10/2021).

How to Watch Argentina vs. Brazil (9/9/2021): Copa America last time, TV channel, Free live stream

The match will air on FS1 at 8:00 p.m. Saturday, July 10, 2021. It can also be streamed live via fuboTV, Sling, and other live streaming TV services.

Both teams were on top in their respective groups. Brazil defeated Chile (1-0), in the quarterfinals, and Peru (1-0), in the semifinals to reach the final and defend its title. In the meantime, Argentina defeated Ecuador 3-0 in quarterfinals. Colombia then faced Ecuador 1-1 in semifinals. Colombia won 3-2 on penalties.

Officials from Rio de Janeiro have allowed Copa America organizers permission to invite thousands COVID-19-tested supporters into Saturday's final at Maracana Stadium, Brazil/Argentina.

On Friday, Daniel Soranz, Rio's health secretary issued guidelines allowing crowds up to 10% in each section. The encounter will not be broadcast live.

CONMEBOL stated that each team could bring 2,200 people to the final on Friday. The stadium will require guests to wear masks and maintain a distance of at least two meters from each other. There will be no food or drinks allowed.

In the Copa America final 2019, Brazil defeated Peru 3-1, about 60,000 people gathered at Maracana.

Maracana hosted the delayed 2020 Copa Libertadores final between Palmeiras & Santos. It attracted approximately 5,000 spectators in January. However, they were concentrated and did not pay much attention to social distancing guidelines.

Soranz stated in the guidelines, that the decision was made in response to CONMEBOL's request. This requested that all spectators be tested negative for coronavirus in order to gain entry.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes stated that there will be great distance between people and that CONMEBOL will invite all guests to the event.

Brazil agreed to host the Copa America just two weeks before kickoff, after Argentina and Colombia were dropped as hosts. Despite the fact that Brazil is suffering from the pandemic, Brazilians seem disinterested in the tournament. Although 530,000 deaths have been confirmed by COVID-19, recent statistics suggest that vaccination efforts are making an impact.

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