Lukaku asserts that he "belongs" on the same level as Kane, Kane, and co

Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan forward for Belgium, has maintained that he is on the same "level", as Robert Lewandowski and Harry Kane.

Lukaku asserts that he "belongs" on the same level as Kane, Kane, and co

After spells with Everton and Chelsea, Lukaku signed in 2017 for Man United for approximately PS75m.

From 96 Red Devils games, the striker scored 42 goals. For a fee of around PS68m, he signed for Inter Milan in advance of the 2019/20 campaign.

LukakuSince his move to Serie A, has been in dazzling form. From just 95 matches, he has scored 64 goals for Milan.

The 28-year old has continued to impress.Belgium. So far, he has scored three goals for Roberto Martinez's team at the European Championships.

Lukaku said that he is one the most talented forwards in the world, speaking ahead of Belgium's 16-point tie against Portugal (as reported by the Daily Mail).

"People tend to describe things in this way.

"When people talk about Robert Lewandowski and [Karim] Benzema [Luis] Suarez [Harry] Kane], they would say it's world-class level. For me, it's all about being in good form.

"I believe I have proven it is more than good form in the past two years.

"I belong to that group, I am at this level."

"He joined as an infant, but he joined as 17-years-old.

He was a natural talent but his game comprehension was poor. Didier Drogba was his father figure, who helped him develop his technique and understand movement.

"And then, I believe the two loans gave him that self-belief that he was worthy. He was young, but he still had something to prove.

"I don't think anyone at Chelsea respected him, not even the fans." Was he going be Chelsea's top striker when he played? Didier Drogba was right in front of him.

He was willing to take a loan to prove himself and he certainly returned with the self-belief and courage. His performances are outstanding and he has been quality.

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