UFC Fight Night Results: Miesha Tate, who has been in retirement for close to five years, returns with TKO Marion Reneau

Tate won her first victory since March 2016 with a wrestling-based approach.

UFC Fight Night Results: Miesha Tate, who has been in retirement for close to five years, returns with TKO Marion Reneau

UFC Fight Night's co-main event on Saturday featured one of the most unique crossroads fights ever seen in UFC history. 34-year old Miesha Tate ended a five-year long retirement to face 44-yearold Marion Reneau. Reneau announced before the fight that this would be her last fight. Tate scored a TKO in the third round to give her Octagon career a new lease of life.

Tate began slow in the first round, before she started to mix up some strikes. She finally put her grappling work to use and ended the round in top place after a takedown. This was Tate's first glimpse of her "older" self, a fighter who used to be known as "Takedown."

Reneau tried to adjust at the beginning of the second round and connected with heavy strikes to keep Tate out of range. Tate's grappling was the main story of the fight. Reneau attempted to make the adjustment at the start of the second round, connecting with some heavy strikes to keep Tate out of range.

Tate won Round 3 and Reneau was unable to survive the ground attack. Tate positioned herself on Reneau's back and took the back. Tate continued to drop heavy shots until Reneau was placed on her back. The referee had to stop the fight. Tate won her first UFC bantamweight title in March 2016 from Holly Holm.

Tate declared, "I'm so glad," after she won. "This was a lot hard work and self-discovery, but I'm here and back."

Tate is most well-known for her rivalry against Ronda Rousey. Tate was able to win the title at 135 pounds, despite not being able against Rousey. Tate stated that she is determined to win the championship after her successful return.

"I'm here for more than a fight, with all due respect." Tate stated, "I'm here to win a belt."

Reneau's fighting career ends with a five-fight loss, but she still makes a mark as someone who started her professional career later than most.

Reneau stated, "I'm glad that I went out the same way I did." "I am glad that I was allowed to fight my final fight in the cage, and to fight a champion. I am a huge fan. I have never stopped being a fan. I gave it everything I had, and that was it. This is all that's left of me. I say goodbye."

Date Of Update: 09 August 2021, 06:05

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