Alcohol, tobacco, infidelity ... the princess Margarita, the queen of I do not give a shit of the British court

This February 9, 20 years of the death of Margarita of England, the only sister of Isabel II, considered in his day, the most controversial member of the Englis

Alcohol, tobacco, infidelity ... the princess Margarita, the queen of I do not give a shit of the British court

This February 9, 20 years of the death of Margarita of England, the only sister of Isabel II, considered in his day, the most controversial member of the English royal family: he smoked a cigarette after another, drank without truce and his sentimental life was In the mouth of all since they prevented her from marrying the love of her life, the captain of Aviation Peter Townsend, for being divorced. Such was the rebellion of her to the rigid rules of the British court that nicknamed her the queen of "I cares a shit", something that even boasted, getting to confess the writer Jean Cocteau: "? Disobedience is my fun ".

His dissipated life made a dent in his health, since his dependence on tobacco caused a lung cancer from which he was operated in 1985, which he added a chain of ailments, such as hepatitis, pneumonias and four strokes, the last of which ended with his life at 71 years.

His existence was strongly marked, like that of his sister Isabel, by an unexpected event, the resignation of his uncle's throne, King Eduardo VIII, to marry the divorceed American Wallis Simpson. That turned the brother of East, Jorge, in British monarch, to the eldest daughter of him, current Isabel II, in heiress to the throne and the minor, Margarita, in a follower in the succession when she was 6 years old. King Jorge, whose death also has just turned 70 years old, unlike frivolous Eduardo, was very loved by the English, since during the Second World War he and his wife, Lady Elizabeth Bowes, they decided to stay in London risking Dying in the bombings, as it was about to happen when in the courtyard of the Buckingham Palace, two German pumps fell. In addition, the compatriots of him admired the story of his personal improvement, since Jorge Vi was a birth tartamudo, a defect that managed to alleviate thanks to an Australian Logopeda, as he narrated the film the speech of the king, winner of four Oscar.

Personality totally opposite his Esto Sister Major, Margarita was extroverted, emotional and loved the protagonism, which very expensive, had to yield to Isabel when he climbed into the throne, staying in the background. "If you were not the queen, nobody would speak to you," she came to tell her on a occasion with her jealousy. Although they worshiped and were very united, the relationship between both suffered upwards, especially when Margarita, with 17 years, met on a trip to Ireland to the Captain of the Royal Air Force Peter Towned, divorced, father of two children and 16 years older . They lived a long passion that they could not put a happy brooch, because the Anglican church and the sister of her the queen of her denied the permission to marry her who was the great love of her. To separate them, the flyer was sent to Belgium on a special mission and on the return of him in 1955, his relationship with Margarita had completely cooled.

In 1958 the Dismola Princess met the renowned photographer Tony Armstrong Jones, who was chosen to make a photo shoot, and started a secret courtship in the Armstrong Jones studio in London, which culminated at wedding in 1960, this time with the placet regio Although Tony was plebeian. The birth of the two children of her, David and Sharah, united that Armstrong Jones was very well accepted by the English royal family, propitiated that the queen granted the title of Lord Snowdon. But, spent the time, the photographer began to get bored by the court and surely also of his wife, becoming the infidelities of him in the British Jet's comidake.

A turbulent stage that totally decentrated to Margarita, who continually gave that he was talking to his eccentricities: it was two hours later to the appointments, hit mats to his glass to light faster cigars while drinking whiskey, and looked inadequate miniskirts for his generous volume. They were also from the public domain of it, they say that when she met Liz Taylor she snapped that the fabulous 33-carat kruppy diamond who had given him Richard Burton was "vulgar".

His sentimental loneliness pushed her to seek comfort in a pianist, Robin Douglas, who committed suicide after breaking; In a friend of her husband named Antony Barton, and as it is rumored, also at Mick Jagger, soloist of the Rolling Stones, and the Peter Sellers and Warren Beauty actors. In the desperate search for a blue prince she met the last love of her, a landscaper call Roddy Llewellyn, 17 years younger about her. They were secretly seen on Mustique Island, the Caribbean paradise of the Princess, until the relationship transcended and were photographed together in 1976. A scandal that its still husband, Tony Armstrong Jones, took the opportunity to leave his home from the Kensington Palace, announcing the separation officially. After the divorce of it, the first in the English court since the reign of Henry VIII in the sixteenth century, Margarita continued the relationship of her with Roddy Llewellyn until 1981, in which they broke, without the princess to meet the dream of finding the definitive Her love.

His death left Queen Isabel desolate, who refused to pronounce some public words in memory of his only sister, because he confessed "I could not have contained tears."

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