Eric Coquerel, "Rebellious" deputy, elected Chairman of the Finance Committee of National Assembly

It's the end to a long wait.

Eric Coquerel, "Rebellious" deputy, elected Chairman of the Finance Committee of National Assembly

It's the end to a long wait. La France insoumise Nupes Eric Coquerel, the candidate for the post of Finance Committee Chairperson, was elected on Thursday, June 30, 2010. He defeated Jean-Philippe Tanguy, the candidate for the National Rally. With 21 votes, the "rebellious", was elected against the candidate of National Rally Jean-Philippe Tanguy. Veronique Louwagie, LR (with 9 votes) is next. The majority of MPs abstained.

After three adjournments, MP Charles de Courson, Liberties, Independents and Territories, withdrew from the decisive third round. Eric Coquerel, like all the other presidents of commissions, is elected for a year. The rules of the Assembly state that the members of the Standing Committees are appointed at both the beginning and the end of each year.

We feared the worst surprise from the left. The majority of voters abstain during such votes, especially when the position is in the opposition's favor. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne promised that the majority would uphold tradition. France 24 questioned an LREM deputy and he said, "We don't have the right to get involved, we can wash our hands of it" and "not sure there is a solution". However, the left-leaning deputies feared an alliance of the opposition deputies LR, RN to elect the candidate for the National Rally.

The Finance Committee is a key position in the National Assembly. It allows you to review all draft budgets before they are passed through the Chamber. You can also use it to submit documents to the Ministry of the Economy or to perform tax audits.

Eric Woerth, the former chairman, was particularly concerned about this. He said it was risky that the post would be given to the left-wing coalition if they were able to carry out tax audits. "The'rebellious" clearly have in mind tax audits. He told reporters that he had heard nothing at the National Rally.

Seven elected members of majority share the other commissions: five Renaissance (ex - LREM), one elected Horizons, and one MoDem.

At Les Lois, Sacha Houlie (Renaissance, Vienne), 33, will chair. Francois Fillon, who was only 32 when he was elevated to the Defense Committee's head in 1986, isn't the youngest chairman of a committee. Fadila Khattabi (renaissance MP for Cote-d'Or) was re-elected in Social Affairs. Guillaume Kasbarian (Renaissance deputy for Eure-et-Loir) will head the Economic Affairs Committee. Thomas Gassilloud, another deputy from the presidential party will take the helm at the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee. Agnes Firmin-Le Bodo was elected to Cultural Affairs and Education. She is also a Horizons deputy for Seine-Maritime. Jean-Louis Bourlanges, MoDem deputy (Hauts-de-Seine), was re-elected in Foreign Affairs. Jean-Marc Zulesi, Renaissance Bouches-du-Rhone), heads the Sustainable Development and Regional Planning Commission.

Parity is not recognized in these high-ranking positions, unlike 2017. The macronists hide behind Yael BraunPivet's election as President of Assembly, the first woman to be elected, and Aurore Berge as patroness for the LREM parliamentary group.

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